It’s Summer, It’s Getting Hot In The QC… And You Need A Charlotte Beer

charlotte beer

With the warmer weather comes a different wardrobe, and a different taste of beer. The season of porters and thicker beers is behind us; we need lighter and smoother beers to help us survive in the summer heat. This season, Charlotte beers are reaching new peaks of greatness, so with so many great beers for us to try, here’s a few we think worthy of your summer-ready taste buds. The even better news is, there’s a whole heck of a lot more our beer-friendly city has on tap, too. We want to hear which of your favorites we might not have mentioned.

OMB Brewery – Mecklenburger
This summer Olde Mecklenburg Brewery bring us the Mecklenburger, an ode to the beautiful county that we Charlotteans dwell in. The clear, golden blonde color is fresh, relaxing and easy to enjoy. This beer has the perfect balance of malt and hops that give it the crisp taste we enjoy and love. This Charlotte beer is destined to cool you down on the hottest of summer days.

The Unknown Brewing Co. – Hospitali-tea
This is a heck of brew, a Southern-style Amber ale brewed with honey and tea. It’s light, and subtly sweet with a classic Red Ale malt profile. It’s a smooth, refreshing beverage that was clearly made just for this time of year in the Carolinas. Pack this one in your coolers – even the non-beer lovers among us will rejoice at this brew because of that unique tea presence.

Noda Brewing – NoDajito
It seems as if Noda Brewing Co. has never failed us. So why would they start now? This season they have blessed us with not one, but two, official summer beers. The NoDajito and Ghost Hop. Both are very well made, however I’m giving the upper hand to the NoDajito -mostly because I can’t stop saying its name. The NoDajito is charged with mint leaves and lime zest, the mixture of the two created an enjoyable foggy, citrus-mint like taste that will get your taste buds rolling. This beer is perfect for a beautiful, lonely summer day spent on your back porch with your feet kicked up and your eyes shut.

charlotte beer
Catawba Brewing – Le Sexxxy
Coming in at a whopping 7.6% ABV is Catawba Brewing’s Le Sexxxy. Your gaze will be captured by the Belgian style orange color as it glimmers from the glass. This is the only Catawba product that doesn’t use the traditional Catawba house yeast. Instead, the beer is powered by specialty Belgian yeast that gives it a unique taste for the summer.

Bird Song Brewing – Fake Plastic Trees
Surging with its citrus and lemongrass aromas, Bird Song brings you its wheat-hoppy beer of the summer, Fake Plastic Trees. With an interesting name comes an interesting taste: a malt backbone support that delivers your taste buds equally with the bitter-smooth, hoppy taste that you enjoy so much. Whip this distinctive Charlotte beer out at any weekend cookout during the summer.

Lenny Boy – Tropicalus
Lenny Boy’s Tropicalus is ready for summertime enjoyment. It has a light orange shading, not quite that of a traditional Belgian ale but almost resembling the look of your everyday orange juice. While it may not pair perfectly with your breakfast, it will be superb for just about any other time. The Tropicalus holds its own in the ABV department, coming in at a solid 6%. The citrus flavor meshes perfectly with the hopps of your beloved IPA’s to create a solid beverage that can be brought out at any summer event.