Kindred Serves up the Oaxaca Flocka Cocktail

Oaxaca Flocka

Mezcal, according to Sean McCreedy and Blake Pope of Kindred Restaurant, isn’t for everyone. The agave liquor is is relatively alien to much of the cocktail-loving public, so the guys behind Kindred’s majestic marble slab have introduced a “baby’s first mezcal” cocktail to the menu. This beauty is mezcal, pineapple gum, and citrus.

And the orange-y floating dots that recall Ben-Day art? Those trendy-looking polkas are dollops of Calabrian chile oil—bitters with a heated bite. Doubters beware: The Oaxaca Flocka—that’s wa•ha•ka fla•ka, for those of you with no interest in Central American landmarks or 2009 hip-hop—will make you love mezcal.

The ingredienst here, if you’re interested in giving your own Oaxaca Flocka version a go, are mezcal, pineapple gum, citrus, and Calabrian chile oil.