The Mastermind Behind Kindred’s Drama 101 Gives Us the Booze Breakdown

Kindred Restaurant

The man behind Kindred’s bar, Sean McCreedy, teaches us a thing or two about one of the restaurant’s booziest cocktails.

“Like many of the cocktails here at Kindred, this drink represents our own twist on a couple of classics. When I created Kindred Restaurant’s Drama 101, I wanted to come up with a boozy rye cocktail that had some depth to it while introducing a touch of sweetness, and lastly a bitter element. The Drama 101 is a combination of rye whiskey, Cocchi Dopo Teatro (which translates to After Theater in Italian), Punt e Mes, demerara sugar, and Peychaud’s Bitters. The name Drama 101 is the theater version of bitter introduction. This drink is a perfect marriage of an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan. The Dopo Teatro is a fortified wine that has elements of both a sweet vermouth and amaro. The Punt e Mes translates to “point and a half”—one part sweet to one half part bitter. The addition of rich syrup, gives the drinks it’s caramel and molasses notes. Garnished with luxardo cherries, the Drama 101 a great sipper or nightcap.”