The 5 Charlotte Bloodies You Need For Brunch

Charlotte bloodies

Bloody Mary’s – a staple in the brunch world – are actually a bit anomalous. I mean, when else are you sipping tomato juice, crunching at celery at 10 am, or craving vodka for breakfast…? It’s odd but it’s iconic, and these 5 places just nail it.

Okay, Bruce Julian is a clothier not a brunch spot so we understand your initial confusion. But if we can explain that this luxury men’s store has a Bloody Mary bar in the back and their own sought-after signature bloody mix, you might be ready to skip the sit-down meal, too. If you’re lucky, Bruce himself will be there.

Charlotte bloodies

Moo & Brew is already synonymous with “Charlotte bloodies.” The Large Marge is a sight to behold, topped with two shots of Tito’s, Wisconsin cheese curds, grilled cheese sandwiches, a burger, fried green tomatoes, bacon and a shot of Miller High Life on the side… enough said.

Brazwells lets you make your own with toppings ranging from lemons and limes to olives and okra.

Fahrenheit will bring you your very own DIY station on a rolling cart – table-side service for an unforgettable brunch bloody.

Heist Brewery keeps it classic with a low-key, classic menu and an almost-too-easy to get down cocktail.