The 5Church Bloody Mary is Sunday Morning’s Solution to Saturday Night

5Church is known for its brunch for good reason. Serving up Belgian waffles blanketed with pear preserves and Chai tea syrup, decadent shrimp and grits, and some of Uptown’s heartiest omelets, 5Church is a weekend morning necessity. And so is the Bloody Mary.

A good Bloody only needs a couple things: a well-balanced, freshly made mix, and some damn fine garnishes. And vodka. It needs vodka.

The 5Church Bloody Mary, with its savory-sweet housemade red stuff, hits all the beats beautifully, finishing with just the right amount of heat and acidity. Throw in some pickled okra, olive, pepperoncini, and lime, and it’s also easy on the eyes—a valuable asset on those tougher mornings.

Photo By: Justin Driscoll