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Rooster's Salmon
Rooster's Salmon | Photo by LunahZon

Our writer, Ajolla Cole, joins a Charlotte FEAST Food Tour and reports back on the opportunity.

As someone who is new to the city of Charlotte, what I can say for sure is that there is something enchanting about this place. It may be the fact that it has such a rich history, or it might be the fact that each day I am literally watching the city change right before my eyes, or it may just simply be that fact that it is all so new to me. Whatever it is, there is definitely something about Charlotte. I recently had the opportunity to attend a FEAST Food Tour, and the opportunity, especially as a new Charlottean, was priceless.

FEAST Food Tours was founded in 2012 by Kristi Martin. With her over 15 years of experience in event planning combined with a love of food and travel, she has created the perfect experience for new and current residents to explore the Queen City’s culture and flavor.

Feast Food Tours

FEAST isn’t just about providing guest with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is also about helping the community. A portion of FEAST Food Tours proceeds go to support Charlotte area food-related charities and culinary educational programs

Our tour started at Rooster’s, with guide Caroline Brown. Caroline is an amazing guide. Throughout the tour she shared little known facts about the city (did you know that the four corner statues at Independence Square represent commerce, industry, transportation, and the future?) Neither did I, but luckily Caroline was our tour guide. Throughout the tour she shares and answers questions about the history of the city, food, and cocktails.

Upon entering Rooster’s, you’re immediately greeted with a down-home but elegant dining atmosphere. With its beautifully crafted open kitchen, guests are able to experience their meal come together right before their eyes. Rooster’s is the perfect place to grab a glass of wine or to enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Heist Brewery

Our next stop on the tour was the lovely Southern-yet-modern Asbury at the Dunhill Hotel. The Asbury pays tribute to the city’s southern roots and offers palatable dishes that are uniquely Carolinian. Famous for their speciality bacon jam, The Asbury is sure to never disappoint.  

The Asbury's Cast Iron Biscuits

The second half of our tour began with chartered transportation to Loft and Cellar. Loft and Cellar is a dining and nightlife destination. With an artfully-crafted menu filled with Executive Chef Nicolas Daniels’s unique dishes and signatures cocktails, Loft and Cellar is becoming a pillar in the city’s growing culinary scene.

Our next stop was Evoke. It’s a scenically-decorated restaurant, and the menu is full of eclectic locally-sourced and globally-inspired food. If you’re looking to try something new and exciting, look no further than this little hot spot.

Charlotte lunch
Evoke Photo by Jamey Price

Last but certainly not least, our tour concluded with Mimosa Grill. With its farm-to-table cuisine and stunning decor, this restaurant makes for the perfect “anytime” dining experience. Whether you’re looking for lunch, brunch, or dinner Mimosa Grill is the perfect place for global cuisines with a local southern twist.

A stunning cocktail from Evoke.

As a new Charlottean, it is experiences like the Feast Food tours that leave me feeling less like Charlotte is a new place and more like it is my new home. If you’re looking for a way to soak up the culture, make friends, sample great food, and learn more about this beautiful city, look no further than Feast Food Tours.

Note room is limited and these tours are quick to sell out, so book now.

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