2018 How-to Guide: Eat Well

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You guessed it: It’s time to focus on “eat well for 2018.”

Once you’ve done what you can to better yourself internally this year, it makes sense to move on to “I want to eat better.” This is one of those resolutions that’s become so common, it’s derided as cliche.

eat well
Photos by Jamey Price

Don’t roll your eyes yet though, because here’s the thing: Whether you vow it on January 1 or not, most of us do really want to eat a little better… at least somewhat, or sometimes The impulse may have struck because your doctor suggested it, because you know it makes you feel better, or maybe because, immersed in the cultural buzz, you just think you should want to eat better by now. (Yes, yet one more person really is encouraging it again).

eat well

This New Year, it may be your big goal to clean the pantry out, overturn the contents of the fridge, revamp your every meal. Or perhaps you just have a little, in-the-back-of-your-mind intention to eat a green thing here and there and to eschew red meat, you know. sometimes. Either way, we’re fully in the age of healthy eating which means it’s easier, and actually tastier, than ever. When I was a kid, my mother bought everything from her local 1990’s Co-Op and that meant my bread was the wheatiest, seediest slice of food you’ve ever seen, my milk pasteurized in a glass bottle, and my hotdogs made of some brown rice-soy amalgam.

Quite frankly, opening my lunchbox at school was embarrassing because the Cheeto-crunching kiddos didn’t even recognize the stuff I had as edible. Now, of course, it’s practically trendy to eat green; as a result, healthy eating has gotten an update in a big way, even here in the South. You can rest easy that if you’ve vowed to go vegan/paleo/organic/raw/name-your-diet-here, you can find delicious (and recognizable) food options a-plenty.

eat well

All over the city now, there are smoothies and juices, plant-based restaurants, organic, locally-sourced produce and meats, non-dairy sweets… you name it, and someone is serving it up fresh. Whatever shape your 2018 healthy eating strides are taking, Charlotte has plenty to satisfy you this season, from Whisk + Wood’s vegan cookies to O-Ku’s sashimi and Living Kitchen’s plant-based burgers. Even if you aren’t on a proverbial New Year health journey, you’ll want to add these dishes into your rotation.

Plus, now you get to eat well and be cool.