Buckskin & Mane is Taking Over the Men’s Grooming Market

Photo courtesy of Luke Yerrick

They may not be from Charlotte originally, but as local goods connoisseurs, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Mason, Lukas, and Luke, founders of Buckskin and Mane, in our midst now.

In March 2015, after various jobs and military service had brought them to Charlotte, the three friends started Buckskin and Mane, a line of handmade, all-natural body and hair care products for men.

“We were tired of using cheap, chemical-laden products and wanted to create a premium grooming line that was free of harmful materials and suitable for all men,” says Luke.

Their products are composed of natural and organic raw ingredients that are domestically sourced and mixed by hand right here in the Queen City. Buckskin and Mane shuns fillers like water or alcohol and, instead, relies on an organic aloe vera base that is mild yet effective.

“We have eliminated mainstream, harmful chemicals and preservatives like SLS, parabens, and foam boosters that strip skin and hair of necessary oils and nutrients, leading to dryness, irritation, and inflammation,” explains Luke.

The friends hope that their company will not only inspire men to think differently about grooming, but also will help support their fellow veterans. For every product sold, Buckskin and Mane donates one dollar to Charlotte Bridge Home, a local organization that aids veterans with their transition to civilian life.

Buckskin and Mane products can be purchased online and, as of this summer, at Atherton Mill and Market in Southend, alongside other goods produced by artisans, farmers, and chefs. Visit the Buckskin and Mane website for information about upcoming pop-ups and to stay up-to-date on their soon-to-emerge product line expansion.