5 Questions with Fiber-Seal of Charlotte Entrepreneur Laurie Simons

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For Laurie Simons, owner of Fiber-Seal of Charlotte, being a business owner is more than just meetings and phone calls. It is working to ease clients’ minds by lending a hand during “life’s messy moments.”


Ever since the cleaning and protection product company was there for Simons as a mother of three and proud owner of two pets, Simons has worked to give the gift of cleanliness back to the community.

What was it like starting a business?
Since I’m not a Charlotte native, and didn’t have personal connections with the industry, starting out was a slow but steady process. I started the Charlotte office from the ground up and have worked hard to educate myself about both fabrics and the cleaning industry. It’s been an exciting, challenging, and empowering journey.


What’s your favorite part of being in business for yourself?
It definitely keeps me motivated and working hard. I have people counting on me to provide them with a job, so letting them down is not an option. The business has also been a great investment for my husband and I, so it makes the reward of owning the business that much sweeter.

How do you think you fit into the Charlotte market?
When Scott and I relocated back to Charlotte I found myself looking for the local Fiber-Seal office after my youngest decided to turn my sofa into an oil pastel art project. I was amazed to find that it was an open territory. I could not rest for months knowing that Fiber-Seal of Charlotte was an opportunity. We decided to trust our instincts and start our business, and here we are!


Who works/partners with you?
Lauren Thorsen is my Marketing and Operations genius and Robert Nelson is my Sales Technician. I also work with several experts in the area to assist with leather, carpet cleaning, and rug cleaning. If a client has a need that I can’t service, I can find someone specialized who can.

What’s next – anything new/upcoming we should know about?
We are hoping to expand into other North Carolina markets, and are working on some educational opportunities for designers— making smart, educated fabric choices can make or break a client’s happiness.”