Charlotte's abstract art scene
Charlotte's abstract art scene

Charlotte’’s art scene is growing with rapid speed throughout our dynamic uptown neighborhoods. Art in Charlotte isn’’t on every corner like New York City or San Francisco. You have to look for it, and while we aren’’t a city known for our visual art scene, there is some extraordinary talent right in front of our noses.

There are many ways to view and define abstract art. The word in itself “abstract” can take on a number of meanings and in reference to visual art can be found in almost every art movement in the history of modern art. There are a number of very talented abstract artists here in Charlotte that produce a variety of work for every taste. With the holidays coming up, you should consider investing in something original, local, and straight from the heart of one of these talented Charlotte artists.


Kent is a no frills, go-getter kind of guy with a raw unadulterated passion for what he does. A self-taught painter who paints from sun up till sun down, Youngstrom started painting one day because he simply wanted to. After several orders and new opportunities arose, he woke up one day and realized that he was a full time painter. Youngstrom is abstract in that he paints what he feels. He is not defined by a genre, he just does what he loves to do, and he is happy and eager to share with whomever will listen.
• www.kentyoungstrom.com


An abstract artist in the truest of forms, Charlotte Foust is an intuitive explorer. She enjoys creating non-objective art because she finds the process honest and satisfying. Mostly experimenting with mixed media on canvas or paper, Wendy starts with a line or a brush stroke and explores the surface resulting in an idea or image that has never been seen or discovered.
• www.charlottefoust.com


Though visually, Windy’s paintings are non-representational, she always starts with a thought, feeling, or emotion to set the tone of her painting. With color, texture, and movement, she tells a story through the energy of her brushstroke. Her compositions are a combination of color blocking, lines, and rhythm with color. Vibrant and on a large scale, Windy is able to share her passion with everyone that comes in contact with her work.
• www.windyoconnorfineart.com

Charlotte's abstract art scene
Charlotte’s abstract art scene


Sharon Dowell explores many concepts in her works. She is especially interested in changing environments, man versus nature, and abandoned structures or spaces. So while she starts with a specific idea or place, she alters it to capture the energy it exudes. Her compositions are partially abstract: some images within her works are representational or recognizable to the viewer.
• www.sharondowell.com


Recently taking a break from founding and co-founding local artist promotional groups like Aspyr Productions in Charleston and Culture Initiative in Charlotte, Arthur decided to take a break from creative event planning to focus on his one-of-a-kind abstract pieces. His art is inspired by natural formations, are organic but aren’’t referenced by anything specific. With a background of mindful meditation practices, the viewer can pick up on the influence of spirituality in his works.
• www.arthurbrouthersart.com


Influenced by the world around him, abstract artist, Robert Langford, is drawn by the energetic use of color.  Not knowing all the motives that drive him are important to his artistic process that are both simple and complex.
• www.robertlangfordstudio.com