Carolina Bands to See Live


Carolina Chocolate Drops

Not exactly a secret anymore, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an old time string band hailing from the heart of the Carolinas, won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album with their truly authentic sound, featuring a little bit of’ twang and a lot of banjo, fiddle, and jug.

David B. Dollar

Another rising star from Durham, NC David B. Dollar has an interesting indie quality achieved with interesting guitar and keyboard sound and strong, deliberate vocals and poppy, sing-a-long lyrics.

Jonathan Scales Fourquestra

The Asheville, North Carolina band Jonathan Scales Forquestra is a jazz
rock band that truly entertains through their interesting sound. Incorporating a unique steel pan sound adds a special flair. Because of this people are starting to take notice with the Fourquestra gaining popularity nationally.

Shannon Whitworth

Her passionate performances and strong vocals make her one of the fastest growing names in the Carolina music world and beyond.


Daniel Michalak, James Phillips and Stuart Robinson of Bombadil are releasing a new album, this year that you should be very excited about. This unique band from Charlotte harmonizes with the best of them and their songs feature well-thought haunting lyrics and interesting vocals and instrumentals.