Don’t Miss These Charlotte Spring Art Exhibitions

New Exhibit Mint Museum
The Mint Museum Uptown

The sun is finally out and the equinox officially arrived, but spring weather still isn’t quite in full bloom in the Queen City. Here are some exhibitions to get your spring fix until it warms up and the outdoors beckon once and for all.

“Beyond the Mountain” – Elder Gallery
March 16 – April 26 2019
“Beyond the Mountain” is a celebration of the influence of nature in our everyday lives. Martha Armstrong and Jessica Singerman provide paintings and drawings that explore the magnetic storytelling power of nature through color, texture, and sound. With a “paper mountain” that has been created over weeks in the gallery space and the sky projected onto the ceiling, “Beyond the Mountain” is not only displaying the natural landscape, but transforming into a dreamlike atmosphere.

“Modularity” – New Gallery
March 7 – April 13 2019
Stephen Wilson uses his signature technique of thread and fabric mosaics to create abstract material motifs. The New Gallery’s walls are a grid of landscapes and nature that captivate the audience in a spectrum of color. Wilson’s work challenges the notion of origins. “XXL Gucci Beasties” incorporates the classic Gucci label with a hybrid image of a butterfly. Flowers, thorns, turtle shells, and more leave the viewer in a tailspin of art versus nature, dichotomous influences in fashion, and the prevalence of brand consumption in our everyday lives.

Stephen Wilson
Art by Stephen Wilson

“The Michael Sherrill Retrospective” – The Mint Museum
October 27 2018 – April 7 2019
Michael Sherrill is a world-renowned sculptor and North Carolina native. Sherrill began his career making functional clay vessels, but his work has transformed into multimedia sculptures that captivate the viewer in a sense of awe and technical appreciation. He uses clay, metalwork, and glasswork to create objects with a natural feel, but are creations of pure fantasy. You will find yourself peering closer and closer to these objects to see their intense detail and wishing they could exist in your garden. His retrospective is here until April 7 before it travels to the Renwick Gallery in D.C.

“The Manifested Landscape | A Message of Uncertainty” – LaCa Projects
March 15 – May 11 2019
While this exhibition does not invoke the pastels and peonies of springtime, “The Manifested Landscape | A Message of Uncertainty” is directly influenced by the power, and politics, of nature. José Luis Landet uses photographs, letters, slides, drawings and letters to create a renewed archival artwork. In his new exhibition, he incorporates oil landscape paintings to renew the simple, bucolic image with its hidden political and social meaning. While some may view the landscape as possessing a universal identity, Landet questions this outlook and explores the powerful subjectivity of nature.