Will COVID-19 Inspire a Huge Charlotte Remote Work Support Industry?

Charlotte Remote Work
Charlotte Remote Work - In Coffee Shops & Coworking Spaces

Here’s How COVID-19 May Be Set to Inspire a Huge Charlotte Remote Work Support Industry

With so many recent changes in our lifestyle, transitioning to remote work is just one of the measures taken to stagger the spread of COVID-19. However, experts are saying that this new set-up is likely to become permanent, and not just an emergency response to a bad situation. Forbes is even hinting at the future of employment being defined by remote work.

In fact, in-office work has been in decline for years, with workers operating mainly in IT, marketing, finance, and many other industries already working from home. COVID-19 simply accelerated the imminent switch to a so-called “laptop lifestyle” that is already a reality in places like Charlotte.

How Is Remote Work Likely to Change?

Given the predictions for the future of the remote workforce, we can only assume that a majority will need a new work space. That means that while some industries are shrinking, others will flourish and experience new growth as a result of this shift in workspaces:

Office Furniture & Fitness

84% of respondents to a study about remote work said that they work from home, with the rest preferring other locations. There could be a surge in orders for office furniture – desks, standing desks, treadmill desks, chairs, etc.

A rise in remote working may also coincide with the rise of at-home gyms and an acceptance of athletic wear as acceptable professional clothing.


Laptops will be even more in demand, thanks to their portability. In addition, headphones, cameras, and other assorted accessories will become indispensable to video-conferencing.

Internet connections are likely to get upgraded all over, as workers increasingly rely on high-speed internet and quality providers to be able to work effectively. We might see an increase in relocations towards places that are remote-friendly, and have reliable internet service, including Charlotte and similar locations.

More public places will become laptop-friendly, featuring stable, secure internet connections, outlets, dedicated seating, etc. for the increasing numbers of remote workers.


Security becomes a bigger concern, so dedicated software such as VPNs, anti-virus, malware detection, etc. will be commonplace among remote workers.

Video and conferencing software also becomes of critical importance because it facilitates meetings and communication between co-workers and team members.

Why Is Charlotte the Perfect Place for Remote Work?

The future is remote, and Charlotte is a place where remote workers and assorted freelancers are likely to congregate more than ever before because of the exceptional facilities.

Internet Providers

A strong internet connection is critical to productive work, and Charlotte offers some great options from reliable providers:
AT&T Fiber – Super fast internet at an affordable price is fortunately not difficult to find. AT&T have both DSL and fiber options, in addition to TV.

Spectrum – Spectrum provides both fiber and cable internet, as well as phone and TV services, with 100% availability.

Windstream – Windstream provides the most diverse set of options, with cable, DSL, fiber, and copper internet in their service listing.

Co-working Spaces

The ideal workspace is also vital to productivity. Co-working spaces are popular venues for remote workers in Charlotte, and there are plenty to choose from, both locally-owned and franchised.

Hygge Coworking – Available in multiple locations around Charlotte, Hygge embodies its Danish name, offering a comfortable, joyful space for all your remote working needs.

Advent Coworking – Advent is colorful, creative, and inspiring – the ideal space whether you are looking for a private or an open desk.

Charlotte Remote Work

Coffee Shops

Some work better when they smell coffee, and Charlotte has a multitude of coffee shops that welcomes everyone, with and without laptops.

Queen City Grounds – A space with plenty of natural light and inspiring décor, Queen City Grounds has plenty of seating and delicious, freshly-brewed coffee.

The Hobbyist – You will not feel out of place at the Hobbyist, the go-to for remote workers who love hand-crafted beverages and a creative atmosphere that lends itself to productive work sessions.

Not Just Coffee – A veritable haven for coffee lovers and remote workers alike, Not Just Coffee lives up to its name. You can always find a place to work, delicious coffee, and intriguing conversation.


Charlotte is laptop-friendly and has a keen interest in technology, so a broken laptop or a need for an upgrade are no reasons to panic.
Troxtech – Troxtech offers 24/7 IT support. Whether you need someone to repair your laptop or you are looking for web development, you are covered.

Experimax – If you are in the market for a used device, or are looking to repair or sell yours, the locally owned and operated Experimax offers certified pre-owned products.

While we cannot predict the future of the industry, all the signs are indicating that we are likely to continue to move toward remote work. That means a change not only in the way we work, but in the products we buy, what we focus on, and even where we live.

Remote workers are likely to move to places that offer remote-friendly facilities, such as Charlotte. Between excellent internet providers, laptop-friendly coffee shops, and great local color, North Carolina is set to attract remote workers and generate lots of new business as a result.