Constellation CLT’s Newest Installation by Crista Cammaroto At The Mint

Constellation CLT

If you have been in the Mint Museum Uptown over the past six months, you may have noticed a change in its entryway. With a large wall spanning the entrance to the elevators, the Mint has taken advantage of this blank space with an ongoing project called Constellation CLT.

Constellation CLT showcases local artists throughout the Mint Museum and helps its visitors learn more about their work through interactive maps of their studio, past and future projects, and various exhibitions. Previous artists featured include painter Nellie Ashford and street artists Arko + Owl. The current artist on display, Crista Cammaroto, encapsulates Constellation CLT’s goal of locality through artistic expression in her exhibit Terra Forma.

Constellation CLT

Cammaroto creates earth sculptures through a process that begins with a “drop,” which she describes as placing a ring down to create a spherical boundary. She then fills the space with natural materials like leaves, dirt, flowers, even fruits to create colorful, organic designs. Her circular, lively style is commemorated through a 10 foot mural on the entry wall of the Mint Museum Uptown. Filled with earth tones and textures, the mural is a vision of natural beauty.

The work Cammaroto creates is a vessel for the pleasure the natural environment offers. It is also a testament to the importance of location. Because of her medium, you have to travel to specific places to view her work. Cammaroto most recently created earthworks for the Carolina Raptor Center, which like the artist, champions environmental conservation. At the Mint Museum Uptown, visitors can view photo documents of her work at the bottom of the atrium escalator, the landing of the mezzanine, and the fourth floor.

Constellation CLT

Cammaroto will create temporary earthworks that will be located in the Mint Museum Uptown atrium from April 17-28. Visiting for these particular pieces will allow you to witness the artist’s work in its truest temporary form, as all of her earthworks will slowly disappear over time.

Terra Forma is currently on view at the Mint Museum Uptown. It will move to the Randolph location later in the spring, where it will remain until July 7, 2019. Check to find out who else will be featured in Constellation CLT as well as information about past artists.