The Celebration Box by Heritage Handcrafted Is One Of The Most Beautiful Gifts We’ve Seen

Heritage Handcrafted Celebration Box
Heritage Handcrafted Celebration Box

James Broyhill’’s Heritage Handcrafted is putting out some of the most unique pieces in the Carolinas. Their Celebration Box, made from oak whiskey barrels, is perfect for the connoisseur.

Heritage Handcrafted has a plethora of interesting and unique pieces of furniture and accessories that collector’s everywhere are anxious to get their hands on. Their newest item, the Celebration Box, is a well constructed and designed statement piece built with the tastemakers in mind; the gentlemen who sip fine spirits and smoke the very best cigars.
The Celebration Box is perfect if you are away from home and need to bring your bar with you or if you want to keep your spirits hidden, yet accessible.

This particular box is built from the whiskey barrels from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery and holds a bottle of the award winning Belle Meade Bourbon.  It also has space for and comes with four shot glasses so you can share your  flavorful bourbon with friends. Built into the design is a cedar cigar box that is air tight and perfect for storing the finest of smokes.
The oak barrel staves that the box are made from are very aromatic. Because of this the box exudes scents of cedar and oak, as well as a light hint of bourbon. The staves are also very heavy and add to the durability of the box.
For the connoisseur, you cannot go wrong with Heritage Handcrafted’s Celebration Box and it can be yours for just $400.00 (bourbon not included).