Hidell Brooks Opens Three New November Shows

Hidell Brooks
Amanda Talley thinking aloud 2017 mixed media on canvas 48 x 60 inches

Join Hidell Brooks Gallery for their November gallery openings, Tony Hernandez’s Requiem of the Mind and Wonder, Scott Upton’s Let’s Dance, and Amanda Talley’s HaloFriday, November 3rd 6-8 pm is the reception with the artists.



“I paint for emotional connection that relates to what I want to convey about what I am painting when I feel that then it’s a matter of intuition and without concern for anything but getting there for lack of a better example not painting too much knowing when to stop painting,” Hernandez says.

Hidell Brooks
bird & crown 2017
oil, encaustic & gold leaf on panel
48 x 48 inches

“Painting, for me, is an exercise in the transmutation of light and energy into a three dimensional plane,” Amanda adds. “The reaction of colors and action mark-making are intended to transport the viewer to a realm of undulating vibrational rhythms. Each painting represents my journey to a plane of consciousness that guides my brush and favors circular momentum. I offer my heart and hands to move in tandem with the consistent flow of intelligent infinity.  Inspiration is ever present and universal for those who choose to witness it. To create and to be a creative is the highest form of reciprocation to our creator.”

Hidell Brooks
the sea & the shore 2017
mixed media on canvas
48 x 72 inches

“Taking inspiration from nature, this work is about the play of light and color,” Upton says. “How they dance together in pleasing sensual rhythms. My painting process involves as much intuition as skill, and a surprising amount of sheer physical labor. To convey the emotional impact of change, time, weather, and light, I employ a wide range of techniques.”

Call the gallery if you have any further questions.

South End Steelyard
1910 South Boulevard Suite 130
Charlotte, NC  28203