Hidell Brooks Gallery of Charlotte opens two new artists for October 2018

hidell brooks

Join Hidell Brooks Gallery of Charlotte for Todd Murphy and Daniel Anselmi’s opening reception on Friday, October 5, from 6-8 pm.

Todd Murphy exhibit is entitled From Here to There. For more than three decades, Murphy has explored a practice that combines sculpture, painting and photography. He has travelled all over the world, collecting, photographing, and fastidiously cataloging everything from melting glaciers, to aviary species, to exotic fruit. his photographic studies of curiosities become sources for complex narratives based on philosophy, mythology, and the supernatural.

Hidell Brooks
Hidell Brooks Todd Murphy

Daniel Anselmi’s exhibit, A Way of Painting, at Hidell Brooks Gallery of Charlotte, shows off his works on paper and canvas. Anselmi explores the use of paper as an ongoing dialogue between painting and collage. “I use painted paper as one would handle a brush to elicit brushstrokes on canvas,” he told Hidell Brooks. “Never using the new, I enjoy the felt quality of the discarded: blueprints, old ledgers, chart papers, and used canvas dropcloths are materials that offer an aesthetic conversation with my work.”

Hidell Brooks
Hidell Brooks Anselmi


Visit Hidell Brooks Gallery of Charlotte for both of these can’t-miss exhibits.