Hidell Brooks Hosts A Night Of Art Openings and Good Food

hidell brooks

Hidell Brooks Gallery is opening two exhibitions Friday, July 14th for artists Geraldine Neuwirth and Anke Schofield. Roots Food Truck will be providing food from 6- 8 pm, and both artists will be present at the opening. The two shows at Hidell Brooks
will run July 14 through August 31, 2017

Geraldine Neuwirth – the theater of balancing energy
Geraldine Neuwirth attended American University before moving to LA, where she studied under the artist and UCLA professor Martin Lubner for six years. She handles paper in such a way that is only learned over time with a mature hand and a unique vision compiled from a life full of experiences. The works on paper have increased in volume and scale over the years to incorporate wall constructions that create a floating effect. She was awarded a special recognition by the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the Southern California Council in 2002. Neuwirth works out of her studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City and resides in NYC.

Recently, for the last number of years, I have been working with paper and building with paper to create collages as well as wall constructions, also developing shapes that exist by themselves with the effect of floating off of the wall. A strong extension of my work has become the actual remnant that appears from making and sketching the larger shaped pieces. It has no need to be defined in any way, it just exists on its own like a total unedited energy. I could see myself extending this language in the future making sculpture and installations.
hidell brooks
Anke Schofield – balance

Anke Schofield was born in Ithaca, New York, 1972 and was apprenticed as a professional photographer assistant when she was still in the 8th grade. Her father introduced her to the wonders of the camera early in life. Anke took to the form readily and with enthusiasm. During high school, Anke apprenticed with a number of artists in the NYC area and eventually won a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in fine art. Throughout this period, she pursued her studies of color theory and painting, continuing to find in these endeavors greater creative stimulus and inspiration than she had known in her photographic work.

“I want to inspire those who see my work, to take notice of the world around them.
to discover beauty in unusual places. I am drawn to animals for their beauty and contribution to nature. they silently take a role in the world around us, unnoticed and without words. in this new series of work BALANCE, my work depicts how life is a balance and one without the other just doesn’t work. balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.