Josh Brown – A Vibrant Talent

Josh Brown's Chicken
Josh Brown's Chicken

Growing up with a father in the military, Josh Brown moved around a lot before landing in the first place he thought of as “home” in Charlotte.  Though he is not new to Charlotte he is fairly new to the art scene.  When asked what he thought of the flourishing scene in Charlotte, Josh responded,“It certainly is growing! I am excited to see how the art scene in Charlotte is developing. I am new to it all but I am constantly impressed by the work of my fellow artists.”

As a junior at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) one would think he would be quite new to everything, but don’t let his youth fool you.  Josh Brown is passionate about what he does.  He loves it, it makes him happy, and that translates clearly in his vibrant works. Energy, happiness, and vibrancy is his inspiration and his purpose.

“The colorful and energetic people of Charlotte help to fuel my work.  I want to make aesthetically pleasing art that puts a smile on your face.”

His art career started with him seeking advice from the owners of his favorite gallery in Charlotte, Shain Gallery. He approached Gaby and Joy to seek professional advice regarding his painting and sculptures and ended up sharing wall space with artists that Josh considers an honor to be associated with.

Josh Brown's Giraffes

When he started painting, before he was in Shain Gallery or accepting commissions, Josh painted for his friends and family.  They provided the acrylic paints, canvas and the subject they wanted.  Now that he is busy painting for galleries and patrons, he still treats each piece as if he was hand crafting it for a dear friend or family member.  Despite all of his initial success, Josh paints for the fun of it and doesn’t see it as work.

“I try to constantly remind myself not to treat painting as a job.  As soon as it becomes a job…a chore the fun will be lost.”
When initially looking at Josh’s paintings and sculptures the vibrant acrylic colors accompanied by the vivid brush movements are the most noticeable features. The energy he exudes is easily translated in his paintings and sculptures.  His work can be seen at Shain Gallery on Selwyn Avenue in Charlotte and Matre Gallery in Atlanta, GA or on his website at

Josh Brown's Mules