Need a Christmas Craft? Lauren Nicole Gives Us Some DIY Holiday Decoration Inspiration

The holidays are busy enough without adding on long, intricate DIY decorating projects. As great as those Pinterest crafts look, we don’t have 6 hours to spend with a hot glue gun. If you’re at a loss for creative, yet still simple, ways to spruce up the house for the holidays, Lauren Nicole, of Lauren Nicole Designs, has got you covered. She offered up two of her favorite simple ways to bring a little extra holiday cheer into your home.

Photo provided by: Lauren Nicole

Chair Ribbon-ing
Lauren: One of my favorite things to do when decorating for the holidays is to look to unexpected places to add holiday touches! I like to decorate the dining room or kitchen chairs. Simply tie a beautiful ribbon around the top half of the chair and then add your favorite holiday touches in the knot of the ribbon. In my case, I added berry sprigs for color and cute chalkboard, personalized stockings. Voila, instant holiday fun!

What you’ll need: thick red ribbon, berry or holly sprigs, and your favorite holiday touches (ornaments, mini stockings, etc.).

Photo provided by: Lauren Nicole

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece
Lauren: Repurpose what you already have! I fill a gorgeous hurricane with silver, sparkly woodland ornaments. Then I placed a wreath around the bottom of the hurricane. Remember, wreaths are not just for front doors: you can use them so many ways! I love to place them as centerpieces and then fill the center with holiday decor or place on the inside of a door, so you can feel the holiday spirit from the inside too.

What you’ll need: vases, holiday ornaments or pinecones

Lauren Nicole