Leandro Manzo’s Mar de Mares Is A Stunning Work Of Art

Leandro Manzo

Charlotte has all kinds of great things going on at the moment, but we had to offer up one for your can’t miss event this weekend. For the weekend dose of culture: Leandro Manzo. The painter’s Mar de Mares showing at LaCa is a colorful, abstract expression of the best art our city has to offer.

The sea has a tempo and unfamiliar creatures that artists seek to portray in their work. After the opportunity to sail from the Pacific to the Atlantic and in the Panama Canal, Leandro Manzo was inspired to paint nautical elements, many physically on beach under the palm trees, for a new watercolor collection. Mar de Mares, mar meaning “sea,” is the appropriate name of Manzo’s upcoming exhibit. LaCa Projects invites the notable Argentinian artist back for his second solo show from November 10 to January 14.

Leandro Manzo, the figurative expressionist painter, will present both his monochrome series and watercolor series. Some demonstrated works will range up to 30 years old as his first exhibition at the Museo de Artes Visuales de Quilmes was at the young age of 13. The black and white works, such as his Cecilia, are considered the foundation of Manzo’s dynamic portfolio. Not all images will incorporate the sea, but other landscapes, portraits, and scenes revealing intriguing spiritual, erotic, and natural themes. In every subject Manzo reproduces, he intentionally gives it a new representation.

Manzo’s versatile pieces come together as a diverse exhibit for Charlotte art enthusiasts to explore and virtually sail the oceans. The public is highly encouraged to visit the opening reception at LaCa Projects on November 18 from 6-9.