Nelia Verano Brings Art and Style to Charlotte Homes

Nelia verano

Neila Verano’s skirt brushes the ground as she walks. It is patterned and flowing, complimenting her black blouse, white high heels, statement necklace, and eye-catching ring. Nelia Verano is a woman who knows style and art intimately. 

“I developed a passion for exposing people to artists and artwork,” Verano said. “There is so much joy in watching people connect with art on an emotional level and have that ‘awe’ moment.”

Though Nelia Verano grew up in the Midwest, she has called Charlotte her home since 2003. This is where she built a strong foundation in her work with LaCa Projects and The Mint Museum, and, now most recently, where her art advisory firm was born. 

An art advisor serves as a market specialist who can provide advice to inform clients’ decisions in the buying and selling of art. For clients selling works, Neely is able to advise where, when, and how to sell.

Verano said she has watched as Charlotte’s art and culture scene has grown and thrived: She has seen a strong desire emerge in Charlotte to engage with art in a meaningful and educated way. She knew she had to be a part of the movement through art advisory. 

“I wanted to be a part of that,” Verano said. “ [And to] give people the joyful experience that I have had collecting art.”

Charlotte’s art collectors have not disappointed. According to Verano, Charlotte has some of the most amazing and cutting-edge collectors.

“I’ve learned way more from them [Charlotte collectors] than they ever have from me,” Verano said. “Seeing their vision for art in their homes come alive is awe-inspiring.”

A Collection of Services

Verano’s services don’t stop at home collections. Her offerings extend from working with private galleries to researching artists to styling services. Despite their variety, all of her services share one aspect: Creating a meaningful connection between collectors and artists. 

“Artist-collector relationships are critical,” Verano said. “Collectors essentially become advocates and voices for the artists. And that’s what artists need.”

For Neely, forming connections is at the core of her work and personal life. She credits any level of success she has achieved to these connections and offers them when working with her clients. 

“I want to bring that [connection] to people’s lives,” Verano said. “And develop relationships that are meaningful and lifelong—not transactional.”

Neely has also made learning into a lifelong process. She has immersed herself in art experiences of all kinds, from attending art fairs and museums to learning from reading and writing catalogs, and even doing non-profit fundraising. 

nelia verano

Lifelong Learning

“I’m still learning every day,” Verano said. “That’s what is perhaps the most rewarding about a career in the arts—you never ‘arrive’ and you’ll never know everything there is to know, but it sure is fun trying.”

Verano said there is also value in unlearning, particularly collectors unlearning misconceptions about the art world. She believes many myths exist in the realm of art collection including that a good collection must be made of expensive and well-known artists.

“That could not be further from the truth,” Verano said. “Some of the best collections I’ve seen are comprised primarily of emerging and outsider artists, and we have some truly innovative collectors in Charlotte for that reason.”

Nelia Verano, with her own unique art and style, is bringing a new dimension to Charlotte’s art world. Whether you’re a working artist, or you would like an art expert to bring sophistication to your space in any form, from a canvas to a coffee table, she is ready and eager to help.

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