New Gallery of Modern Art Brings Stephen Wilson’s Work To The QC

the new gallery of modern art

The New Gallery of Modern Art is presenting a special spring preview of Stephen Wilsons’ latest project: Americana. Wilson is a conceptual artist with a unique medium: He blends luxury fabric, 3D-printed sculptures, laser-engraved acrylics, and highly detailed embroidery pieces, his manipulation of multiple materials produces wholly original works of art. Americana is Wilson’s largest project to date, and it encompasses 43 individual signature pieces that when assembled measures 8 feet tall and 23.5 feet wide — translating into 35 million stitches.

This serendipitous creation combines the artist’s love of American crafts and Western motifs with Opera Carolina’s latest production, “The Girl of the West” alongside the New Gallery of Modern Art. In typical Wilson fashion, thousands of 2″ x 2″ squares come together to form modernized representations of the American flag, Abraham Lincoln, Rosie the Riveter, Annie Oakley, John Wayne, Spanish tiles, portraits of Native Americans, historic quilt patterns, and animals from horses and bulls to butterflies.

After premiering at The Foundry (which is also, coincidentally, QC Exclu
sive’s headquarters), Americana will be transported to the grand lobby of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center where it will delight attendees of “Girl of the West” and visitors to the magnificent center.  The Foundry party, at 619 S Cedar Street, will be on  April 19 & 20 with an opening reception April 19, 6-9 pm, featuring art demonstration, a DJ, and cocktails.

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