We’ve Got You Covered With A Few Shortcuts To Get Ready for Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving spread

Next week, the holidays are officially in full-effect.  As we get ready to launch our holiday content, buy our plane tickets, and plan out all our holiday lists and to-dos, here are five ways we are going to get ready for Thanksgiving week.

  1. “Everything-on-your-list” trip to Reid’s Fine Foods: We’ll be swinging by Reid’s for any grocery items we forgot for our Turkey dinner, bottles of wine to give as gifts,  and gourmet food items to serve up as appetizers while dinner cooks. And since the deli serves up such great sandwiches, it’ll make our errands list that much shorter.
  2. Drop-in Class at Cycle South: Charlotte’s first boutique indoor cycling studio offers  high energy spin classes. It’s a great way to get out a little pre-holiday stress while getting in a great workout indoors now that the temperatures have finally dropped.Anthropologie Napkins
  3. Last minute extras from Anthropologie in Atherton Mill: Thanksgiving requires you break out all your best dinnerware and it seems every year we realize we are missing something that belongs on the table: pie dishes, cloth napkins, extra plates, glasses, silverware. Best part about stopping by to get these items in Atherton Mill? We can also swing by Living Kitchen and get a fresh juice.
  4. Dinner out at Futo Buta: It’s always nice to have dinner out right before Thanksgiving so we can save ourselves some dirty dishes. Plus, since we’ll be eating turkey and leftovers for the next week, Futo Buta is a nice mix-up of flavors and food styles. If you haven’t had the pork belly buns, this week is the time.
  5. Call-in Order from Midwood Pies: Pie baking is not for the faint of heart, so while your grandmother may have had a killer pecan pie recipes, we don’t fault you if you always grab one from Harris Teeter. But Midwood Pies brings back that homemade flavor, whether you want to add in one extra pie to your family spread or or go ahead and pick up four different flavors. We’ll be placing an order with Midwood Pies and saving ourselves the failed lattice crust attempts.1-uPHx0VS2-OVbjtxsM6mG_w