SOZO Gallery Gets A Fresh New Face

SOZO Gallery
Hannah Blanton of SOZO Gallery

SOZO Gallery’s long-awaited renovations have allowed the staff to create a space that’s just right for artists and patrons alike.

Charlotte’s contemporary art scene has been continuing to grow steadily for years, even among the many recent ups and downs that the city has gone through; one of the main reasons why is because of the dedicated local galleries putting in the work to spotlight new art. These galleries not only provide coveted show space, but also promote a variety of artistic creations by and for the community.

One such gallery is SOZO, which continues to aid in uplifting Charlotte’s contemporary artists now that its latest renovations are complete. SOZO Gallery, currently owned by Hannah Blanton, has always run as a people- and community-centric space that exists to inspire soulful connections. They take pride in bringing emerging talent to a wide range of collectors in the Southeast and beyond. After operating for years out of the Truist Center in Uptown, the gallery decided to take a leap of faith and move to Plaza Midwood in November 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The renovation was the necessary next step in ensuring that this new space met the needs of our staff, artists, and patrons,” says Blanton of the changes. 

These changes included new internal storage, as well as state-of-the-art lighting and a custom modular wall system. They even built out an additional front entrance onto Pecan Avenue for ease of access. To put it all together, the gallery enlisted a variety of local businesses and vendors. The upfit was led by Royal Building Group with John Maloney of Good Manors, Inc. as the project manager. To achieve that specialty lighting, the gallery worked with Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. The team at the vintage and custom furniture company Cope and Stick tied it all together with new accents.

Still, Blanton was careful to make sure that these new renovations didn’t alter the actual soul of the space. She wanted to make sure that the physical aspects of the gallery reflected the approachable environment they’ve been known for.

“The walls, paint, and accents are all fresh,” notes Blanton, “but guests and patrons can expect the same welcoming vibe they’ve always anticipated and received from the SOZO team.”

In addition to revealing the updated space, Blanton and the rest of her team have big plans for SOZO Gallery. Once 2022 begins, the gallery is going to boast a compelling program of exhibitions and events, many of which will highlight local artists. 

“We are so excited to continue championing our artists and bringing their important and inspired artwork to patrons in North Carolina and beyond,” says Blanton.