Stella G. Finds a Home at the Park Road Backlot

Stella G.

When Stella G. Contemporary owner Gian Garofalo made the move from Chicago down to Charlotte, he immediately set his sights on the backlot at Park Road Shopping Center. The Center, originally opened in 1956, boasts an impressive history as the largest open-air shopping center from D.C. to Atlanta. Present day Park Road is just as impressive, with an expansive backlot featuring upscale entertainment and multiple new venues—among them, Stella G. Contemporary.

We saw the backlot at Park Road Shopping as a rapidly expanding location with lots of potential,” affirms Garofalo, “and we were excited when the opportunity to open an art gallery there presented itself.

Stella G.

After the large attendance of their grand opening in August, Stella G. stands firmly as part of the backlot family, and encourages art enthusiasts of all kinds to step inside and enjoy their exhibits. Stella G. exhibits contemporary artists of all levels, from emerging names to established professionals, and showcases paintings, works on paper, and sculptures. Among those names are renowned painters Chris Robb, Jane Booth, and Karl Klingbiel.

“The mission of Stella G.,” says Garofalo, “is to enrich the community through art and provide artists greater exposure to new markets.”

Fully embracing this mission is “Come Together,” Stella G.’s latest exhibition. This group exhibition features work from all of the gallery’s artists, allowing viewers to experience a variety of contemporary art in one visit.

Stella G.

To encourage walk-ins from the backlot area, Stella G. will extend its weekend hours and remain open longer than traditional galleries. To make sure visitors don’t miss out on the great artists they feature—Linc Thelen, Matt Devine, and Lisa Kowalski, just to name a few—the gallery holds year-round, rotating exhibitions. Take advantage of their extended hours and stop by Charlotte’s newest spot for cutting-edge, contemporary work.