Stephen Wilson and Miles Aldridge Open at The New Gallery of Modern Art

Stephen Wilson
Join the New Gallery on Friday, March 2 as they proudly debut a new body of work from the creative mind of Stephen Wilson, entitled: Shine A Light When It’s Gray Out.

Following in the footsteps of his monumental Americana installation and accompanying book, Stephen has produced a new series of over 25 works in a multitude of sizes and shapes that combine his characteristic embroidery techniques with oil painting. Each work has been carefully kept under wraps until the series premieres in our gallery in a few short weeks.

Offering a hint of what you will see with Shine A Light When It’s Gray Out, Stephen eloquently characterizes the works as: “About home and love – a light in the dark – and how we should strive to endure and succeed for ourselves, for our children. To harness the swirling maelstrom I imagine, I painted background canvases with dark oils and oil sticks in tumultuous strokes. Across this backdrop, butterflies cascade beauty and undulate hope – and the light – they represent my beacon, my own personal chrysalis.”
Shine A Light When It’s Gray Out is Stephen’s second solo show with Charlotte’s New Gallery of Modern Art.

(after Miller) is also opening at New Gallery the same day. The show spotlights five screen prints by Miles Aldridge featuring his signature highly-staged erotic, film-noir narratives set in the mid-20th century. These particular prints are inspired by the paintings of friend and fellow artist, Harland Miller. Miller in turn credits the graphic work of Miles Aldridge’s father, Alan, for his trademark Penguin Paperback paintings.