The Avett Brothers To Release A New Album August 28

Scott Avett - Vol. 5 no. 1
Photo by Emby Taylor Photography

A bright spot in a long summer: North Carolina’s favorite musical family, Scott and Seth Avett, along with bassist Bob Crawfod, are set to release a new Avett Brothers album this August.

The band, amidst a pause in their normally frenetic touring schedule, announced the third edition of their Gleam recordings: The Third Gleam is something of a return to the group’s early days. It has been 12 years since The Second Gleam and 14 years since 2006’s The Gleam – a pair of EPs released by Ramseur Records.

The Third Gleam is due out August 28, 2020 on Loma Vista Recordings. According to a statement put out by Scott and Seth Avett, the band was working on the album well before quarantine (12 years in the making, according to the band), but the process helped push the record to the top of the to-do list.

The record will contain eight new tracks that “capture their personal experiences and perspectives on undeniably timely, universal themes: isolation, gun violence, incarceration, historical prejudice, mortality, resilience, love, hope, redemption.”

The Avett Brothers New Album
The Avett Brothers New Album, The Third Gleam

Twenty years after their start, The Avett Brothers, Scott and Seth along with bassist Bob Crawford and cellist Joe Kwon, have released an impressive seventeen albums, garnered three Grammy nominations, and had an album go Gold with 2009’s I and Love and You. That album was the beginning of their joined forces with Rick Rubin, one of the most prolific and legendary producers of our time.

Scott and Seth both reside most of the year in Cabbarrus County, near the farm they grew up on.

The Avett Brothers New Album
The Avett Brothers New Album – Scott Avett plays the piano

While their touring schedule is on pause, stay tuned to and their respective social media channels for upcoming announcements. You can preorder The Avett Brothers new album today.