Things to do in Charlotte NC for couples

Charlotte Skyline Myles Gelbach

These are our best recommendations of things to do in Charlotte NC for couples to mix up your date night, weekend outing, or to just have a bit more fun with someone you love.

With the weather warming up and the possibility of the pandemic coming to an end, “real dates” are starting to become a reality again. But with over a year in some kind of lockdown, most of us (myself included!) might have forgotten our favorite date spots, and most importantly, where our favorite pair of jeans went. The following list will include some time-honored Charlotte spots like Amelie’s and the Charlotte Symphony, to help you get back into your dating and going-out groove. 

Experience the Arts

For the couples that appreciate art, tickets to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit might be the perfect start to a date. Opening on June 18, this show-stopping and fully immersive experience of Van Gogh’s work—including Starry Night and his Sunflowers—is sure to impress! Spanning over 300,000 cubic feet, you and your date will be able to physically experience the brushstrokes of a master. 

If your dates usually end with a glass of wine and some classical music, then perhaps a trip to the Charlotte Symphony is the perfect date-night idea. Most concerts have been virtual, but starting in May, the organization is gradually phasing to in-person concerts.

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra's Christopher Warren-Green

things to do in Charlotte NC for couples – Photos by Jamey Price

For the ultimate culture and classical music date, head to the Belk Theater from May 14-May 16 and enjoy Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Between the beautiful theater and the extraordinary music, this performance is a perfect high-culture thing for any couple to do. 

If you and your crush don’t mind a non-traditional adventure, Hot Glass Alley may be just the art (and activity) for you. Located on Atando Avenue, this boutique glass shop owned by Jake Pfeifer employs European techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

In addition to regularly scheduled “make your own” days throughout a month, Hot Glass Alley also has dedicated Date Nights just for couples, and this service was just reinstated on March 12th. 

Intimate Spaces

Offering bespoke cocktails in cozy seating areas, Idlewild doesn’t curate its drinks from a menu, instead building from your personal preferences for a delightful concoction. Because of the limited seating capacity, be sure to hit Idlewild early in the evening, or you and your date might have a bit of a wait on your hands.

Amelie's Grapefruit Tarragon
Amelie’s Grapefruit Tarragon

Also in NoDa (and many other locations) is the famous bakery, Amelie’s. This French-style spot lovingly crafts their chiffon cake with carefully-selected ingredients, and their soups are created using French methods. From savory to sweet, Amelie’s has you and your sweetie’s confectionery needs covered.

Located in Eastover, Stagioni is an Italian restaurant entrenched in the history of the building it resides in. Serving up cozy Italian staples along with great wines, Stagioni is the perfect place for an intimate dinner for two—or a group date! If you’re looking for an at-home couples activity, Stagioni even offers a take-home pizza kit with two sets of dough. 

Fun and Games

For a date filled with fun and drinks, head to Stroke Golf Club, an “urban golf club” that also offers a speakeasy-style cocktail menu. At only $10 for one game of mini golf, this date doesn’t break the bank, and has the added benefit of being a lot of fun!

Stoke Golf Club

If you haven’t had enough fun and games, head to Pins Mechanical Company. This grown-up arcade offers libations, pinball, bowling, and so much more. This is the perfect place for couples that are looking for something to indulge our inner child.

For those of us that want to smell something sweet while on our dates, head to Paddywax Candle Bar. With a corking fee of $8, you can bring your beverage (hopefully wine!) of choice, make a candle, and engage in great conversation with your date. 

words by Elizabeth Salerno