Vacation Treehouses You Need to See to Believe

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Meet husband and wife duo, Seth and Tori Belt, co-owners of The Majestic Treehouse in Walhalla, SC., and sole owners of four luxury treehouse rentals in Charleston, SC. The enterprising couple is blazing the trail for eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind vacation experiences. 

Seth and Tori first met back in 2015. At the time, Tori was working as a news reporter. Her paper assigned her to interview Seth’s band, Needtobreathe, before their concert. Their meet-cute seemed straight out of a rom-com, and though they didn’t start dating right away, their connection was clear. After a few months, they reconnected and the rest is history. The couple wed a year later. 

Inspired by the whimsy and child-like innocence of the growing treehouse trend, Seth, with the help of his father Larry Bolt, decided to build one of their very own as a honeymoon gift to Tori. They broke ground on the Bolt Family Farm in Walhalla, where Seth was born and raised and where his parents currently reside.

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The Treehouse Trend

Originally, the treehouse was intended as a unique getaway spot for friends and family. But what started as a creative honeymoon gift, quickly turned into a lucrative business opportunity. After their wedding, the couple took a chance and decided to share the beloved property on vacation rental site, Airbnb. 

“We honestly had no idea what to expe

ct considering Walhalla is such a small, rural town,” Tori said. “But people almost instantaneously fell in love with it.” 

The treehouse was an immediate hit. And it’s no wonder why. Designed with a combination of classic Victorian and French decor, it has white-washed walls, a rustic tin roof, and features a gorgeous antique chandelier. It’s equipped with a suspension rope bridge and a double-level deck, which gives guests a bird’s eye view of the secluded woods. 

With the treehouses’ growing success, Seth and Tori decided to expand their business to Charleston, where they live. They found a property on the picturesque Wadmalaw Island and got to work building and designing four unique properties: The Living Room Treehouse, The Wildflower Treehouse, The Charleston Treehouse, and The Honeymoon Treehouse

As far as architecture is concerned, the couple creates each treehouse with sustainability and environmental factors in mind. According to Tori, Seth is a firm believer that the environment plays a fundamental role in how we live. Their design goal was to create thoughtful, experiential spaces for people to reconnect, recharge, and leave feeling inspired. 

“Seth has a very creative mind, an eye for aesthetic detail, and a plethora of design inspiration from traveling the world,” Tori explained. “He loves textures and unique combinations of materials that really give the space character and draws you in.”

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Tiny, Unplugged Palaces

Each treehouse has its own personal flavor and unique aesthetic. Together, Seth and Tori filled the space with antiques and custom-crafted pieces. They even enlisted the help of Charleston creatives to add that extra, much-needed local flare. They also included aspects of their own personalities. Take, for example, a record player with a curated record collection, a vintage coffee grinder and a French press, coloring books for adults, classic board games, and more. 

“We wanted everyone who comes into the space to feel a sense of magic and wonder and to feel larger than life, as if they were in a tiny palace in the trees,” Tori said. 

When you visit one of their treehouses, the couple urges you to disconnect from the noise of the modern world. Unplug your devices and reconnect with nature. They believe that treehouses have a detoxifying effect, leaving you feeling replenished and new. 

“Treehouses are incredibly effective environments for reducing stress, for embracing digital detox, and for restoring relational, emotional and mental health,” Tori said.  

As for the future, the couple dreams of building more treehouse retreats in the most beautiful and tranquil parts of the country. They’re taking to Instagram and inviting their followers to share their opinions on where to build next. To weigh in, check out their page @boltfarmtreehouse. 

Due to short-term rental regulations, the Bolts will be offering month-to-month rentals in the treehouses in Charleston, SC. To learn more, click here

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