Acquisitions Brings European Designs to Charlotte


From sophisticated, comfortable styles to more artful and modern design elements, Charlotte’s interior design aesthetic is anything but ordinary. The Queen City is a hotspot of interior excellence, and as an ever-growing design hub, it seamlessly brings in interior designers from—just about—everywhere.

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One of these hopeful incoming designers was Lucia Montagla, who was instantly awestruck after visiting the QC a year ago. Shortly after, Lucia decided to dive headfirst into Charlotte’s world of interiors. She now is the manager and head designer at the notable firm Acquisitions Interiors, which features European-influenced decor to reflect Lucia’s diverse background as a graduate of the European Institute of Design in Italy. These worldly elements work to help Lucia achieve just the right design, satisfying every client’s deepest decor cravings. She’s assisted in doing so by Mark Frey, an antiques expert and interior designer who is on hand to provide clients with his insight and eye.

“My inspiration is to create gorgeous homes,” Lucia shares. “Finding the right furniture is our biggest goal. Once we emerge on a project, we dedicate a lot of our time to ensuring all our client desires are fulfilled, so we can then become part of their lives—which is, personally, my favorite result.”

The successful center of interior design, which always boasts two designers in house, offers clients the full package. The process begins with choosing a furniture layout, before selecting the proper colors and materials, while keeping the space’s lighting in mind.


For Lucia, the highly personalized process of decorating one’s home is a rewarding process.

“Being able to know the market, trends, and being able to help our clients’ needs makes my job my biggest passion in life.”

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