Bedside Manor Is Revolutionizing Sleep

A good night’s sleep is something everyone needs but, it seems, fewer and fewer people actually get. Bedside Manor, a dedicated bedding and home décor store located in Specialty Shops SouthPark, has steadily been changing that. Bedside Manor sells a variety of items, from luxury bedding and furniture to table linens and loungewear, all designed to make each home a peaceful retreat that’s just right for resting. We sat down to find out what’s made the store so successful. 

What is Bedside Manor’s overall mission and goal?

Our mission is to inspire and reconnect people to invest in better sleep. We believe a restful space will enhance the quality of your life, both physically and mentally. We spend time learning about our customers’ sleep patterns and design needs. Together, we can help our customers create a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful space.

Bedside Manor
Bedside Manor

Describe how Bedside Manor has evolved over the years.

Over the past 25 years, Bedside Manor has weathered many storms, including a downturn in the US economy, changes in European trade policies (where many of our products are made), cotton production issues in Egypt, and increased competition from department stores and online retailers to mention just a few.  We’ve survived by maintaining our identity and continuing to provide customers with carefully curated merchandise and luxury home décor— at all price points.

Each member of your staff trains in all aspects of textiles and materials, from color to chemistry. Tell us more about that.

It’s important that our staff is up to date on the products we sell. We offer hundreds of different bedding products with thousands of colors, sizes, and custom options. All of these choices can be overwhelming for a customer. We’ve equipped our sales staff with the most comprehensive training. Consequently, they’re better able to assist customers in selecting the products best suited for their lifestyle, sleep style, and budget.

What products would you recommend for clients hoping to shift the overall feel of their bedroom area into more of a relaxing, tranquil space?

To create a truly luxurious room, start with simple, pure colors. Keep clutter to a minimum, but don’t forget to utilize all of your senses when creating a relaxing and tranquil room. A fragrant candle, a cashmere throw, and a gorgeous lamp to provide soft light will all work to help you create that soothing space.

Bedside Manor
Bedside Manor

You are celebrating your 25th year in business. What do you attribute that longevity to?

Because retail is a service business, we need to provide our clients with the best in everything we do. That means we treat people the way we want to be treated. And we offer the best quality products on the market. We constantly ask

ourselves, “What will it take to do our best work and how do we continue to create an environment with products and services that will attract people?” We hope to be a generational business and would love to be serving our clients and their children another 25 years.

Bedside Manor plans to expand into new locations across the Carolinas, as well as to unveil a private bedding line. Visit their website or follow their blog to keep up with news and design tips from Bedside Manor. To revolutionize the way you sleep and relax at home sooner rather than later, stop by the SouthPark location yourself.

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