Couture Knots Rugs Elevate A Room

Couture Knots rug featured in a Carolina Design Associates space. Photo by Dustin Peck

A good room design blends each element in it seamlessly so that the space looks cohesive. No matter the style of the interior, each individual piece works with the rest of the space in some way. In some cases, this means that a single table or lighting fixture can make or break a room’s look. For this dining room, executed beautifully by the team at Carolina Design Associates, that element was the Couture Knots Tamarin rug.

This beautiful cream-colored Couture Knots rug balances out the room’s blue wallpaper and warm-colored wood floors. By carrying that cream color into other areas of the room, such as the draperies from Lee Jofa and the chair fabrics from Kravet and S. Harris, the designers could bring in more of those dark wood accents, as well.

The large round table and custom cabinetry both show off that dark wood and give the space a modern feel. The table, along with the unique chandelier hanging just above it, also make the room feel inviting, as if it was meant for conversation—in fact, that’s just what the clients had in mind when they redesigned the space in 2018. Together, everything in the room becomes an elegant space that still feels comfortable and casual enough to enjoy a good conversation with family and friends.

Dustin Peck photographed the room.