Delineate Style: Emily Hudgens Designs Are Remarkable Representations Of The Queen City

Emily Hudgens Design
Emily Hudgens Design

Emily Hudgens Design located in Charlotte, NC is owned and operated by Emily Hudgens. A native of Greenville, SC, Hudgens moved to Charlotte after graduating from Winthrop University with a BFA in Interior Design.  Her choice of careers was set in stone having been decided early on in her youth.

Hudgens explains, “I have loved interior design since I can remember, and while in high school, I knew it would be my life’s direction.  I took every drafting and home planning class that was offered,” she continues.  “After graduating high school, I enrolled in college for interior design and the rest is history.”

As an interior designer, Hudgens explains that her goal is to “delineate style” and design space inspired by an “ever changing world while incorporating timeless tradition.”  She draws her inspiration from her clients and the “space itself,” but also from “art and nature.”  Hudgens explains, “It is essential that my design aesthetics function…It is really all about generating a strong balance and creating the energy and emotion to connect with the space [while] layering principals and elements to tell a story.”

This attitude got the attention of a restaurant owner, who after seeing one of her commercial projects, asked Hudgens to “come on board as the designer for an up and coming restaurant opening in Charlotte.”   Not only focusing on commercial design, she also works with residential and model home merchandising. During her 8+ years’ experience, Hudgens has worked on big name restaurants in Charlotte, such as, Mortimer’s Café and Pub, Leroy Fox, Cowbell, Libretto’s at ParkTowne, and Mez.  

Approached by a new client, Hudgens explains, “I like to meet with them first to get a feel for their style and personality.  It is important for me to understand what their purpose for the space is and how the flow and the function should play into my design.”  Understanding her clients allows Hudgens to come up with an initial concept design and mood for the space.  Using all levels of aesthetic functions, such as traditional, outgoing and fun, classic and modern, welcoming and comforting, and innovative, she “personalizes and authenticates…using a common sense approach.”

The way Hudgens works makes her unique as an interior designer.  She “takes a sincere approach to capture each client’s concept and turn it into a literal vision for all to enjoy.”  By creating an “urban function with clean lines and lasting forms and incorporating tradition and grace,” the client ends up with a “timeless” space and “continual style.”

When designing particular spaces, such as the kitchen and dining areas, Hudgens focuses on the rooms function and lighting. “Keeping your kitchen and dining area neutral gives you a flexible palette to always play around with popular colors that are on trend. Lighting, faucets, and hardware are areas where quick changes can update your space with minimal hassle. And, bringing pops of color through your accessories refreshes your space seasonally.”  Hudgens also enjoys designing master bedrooms and kid’s rooms because “you spend a lot of time there, so why not go to bed and wake up with an inspiring space around you.

Each project that comes across her desk is unique.  Hudgens says, “I love that it happens this way because I’m able to explore deeper into my creative side and really challenge myself.”

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