Greg Perry and his team bring Charlotte into a new age of design with their embrace of modern homes.

Greg Perry

There are few people who can truly say they’ve grown up to be exactly what they said they’d be as a child, but Greg Perry is one of those rarities who can. Ever since he could pick up a crayon and put it to paper, Perry’s been drawing cars, ships, buildings, and, most frequently of all, homes. At age seven, he designed his first full floor plan, complete with elevations and measurements, and it was more than apparent exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Today, with over fifteen years of career architectural design experience under his belt, Perry continues to live out his dream in Charlotte, blending imagination with the needs and wants of clients to create their dream homes.

Greg Perry

“I wanted to be in a region and city that had architectural history and appreciation,” says Perry about his decision to work in the Queen City. “Charlotte has such a fantastic mix of people. It’s an exciting time to be here with the emergence of uptown, the art scene, and the cultural enhancements found in other world-class cities.”

As the design industry in Charlotte continues to grow, Perry is excited to grow along with it. Maybe you’ve seen his designs already: multiple homes in Myers Park and other areas of North Carolina that bring in elements of France, England, and other countries. His homes are completely unique, and his careful execution of every project is a nod to his desire to update Charlotte while also staying true to its roots.

With the team’s new addition of Bryson Allen Thomas, a design consultant devoted to Southern architecture, Perry is taking even more strides at combining modern work with Charlotte’s traditional Southern homes.

“Proper design is timeless,” notes Perry. “How a well-designed home feels to a person has never changed…Architecture is a reflection of the times, so coming into the modern age we must respect proven principles and adapt to modern living patterns. The trick is to create spaces that will always be relevant and appealing.”

Greg Perry

Much of Perry’s design materials are locally-sourced, but some he imports from across the world, special ordered just for a client’s particular request. By following his natural instincts and asking highly detailed questions, Perry can consistently create a space that serves their lifestyle and personal aesthetic.

Whether it’s a modern twist on an old Southern home or the flair of European style, Greg Perry’s experience and versatility means the Charlotte neighborhoods are getting even prettier.