Halfway Through a Century of Simonini Service

Simonini Homes

Simonini Homes has been a staple of the Charlotte area for nearly 50 years, spanning three generations. It now rests on the shoulders of owner and president John Tammaro, founder Alan Simonini, and their Strategic Team consisting of COO Gus Pappas, President of Renovations Bob Pugh, President of Luxury Neighborhoods Walter Nichols, Director of Commercial Construction Carlos Carreno and Comptroller Mark Pennline.

The company builds custom homes, creates luxury neighborhoods, and executes renovations throughout the Queen City. Simonini has thrived over the past half-century. This is as much due to its commitment to high-quality results as to its outstanding customer service, which can – dare we say – make the building process fun and low stress.

John, Alan, and Gus took a moment to tell the QC team about Simonini’s origins, evolution, and greatest hits.

What inspired you to start Simonini? 

Alan: I worked for my dad, Al Simonini, right out of college. Ray Killian and I bought my parents out. We went on to become America’s Best Builder 2002, National Housing Quality Award 2004 and 2010, National Builder of the year 2006, and inducted into the residential design Hall of Fame 2010. 

I started Alan Simonini Homes in 2010 with John Tammaro after seeing an industry that was lacking the design, quality control, and good customer experience that other businesses were able to master. We continue to strive for the best possible design, quality, and customer experience to this day.

What sets you apart from other custom home builders in the area? 

John: I give my clients many options so they can have enough information to make an educated choice. I never want them to come back to us and say we did not think of something. I am direct to the point and want the best results for my clients. 

Gus: The Simonini Team looks for ways to improve and streamline processes, whether they relate to the physical construction of the home, the decision making for the finishes of a home, or the communication involved to pull it all together. Ultimately, we are in a partnership with our clients, one in which we hope to foster trust. We strive to build a relationship that is built to last well beyond the completion of construction.  

Simonini Homes team
Photo credit Jamey Price

What are the main reasons you have survived through all of the changes in industry, economic struggles, etc?

Gus: The main reasons we are able to make it through the challenges and changes that face the home building industry is because we deliver on what we say we will. Exceptional building practices, unparalleled attention to detail, and a genuine interest in partnering with our clients to provide a great experience are the cornerstones of our business. All of this rests on the shoulders of our amazing Simonini Team, a group of individuals working tirelessly to deliver the best.   

You have a great relationship with real estate professionals in and around Charlotte, how have you fostered those relationships?

Gus: Our real estate community is one-of-a-kind. We are blessed that there are so many knowledgeable and hard-working real estate professionals in Charlotte. We often host events or go to their offices to talk to them about what we have to offer. Simonini also relies on our area agents to provide us with feedback. That way we are on top of what clients are looking for in the market. 

Simonini prides itself on its repeat clients, what is it about the Simonini experience that keeps customers coming back?

Gus: Let’s face it, home building and home renovations are difficult, even for those that have experience. Keeping that in mind, our team strives to find new ways to make it a better experience for our clients. We look beyond the construction of the project. It is someone’s home, a place where they will come to unwind after a tough day. It’s a place where they will raise their family, a place where they will entertain their friends, and a safe place where they can comfortably live their lives.  

Alan: I think we do a good job of making the building process low stress and fun.

John: The praise that sticks out to me the most is, “I can always count on you guys to be there for us, even in year 10.”  

Our clients invite us to birthday parties and events. That says a lot to me about the team that is involved with the client. They become part of the client’s family.