You Must See This Haven of Art in Myers Park

Laura Casey Art Interiors
Laura Casey Office

As a child, Laura Casey spent her days surrounded by art in all forms. Her mother, an artist, took her to countless art exhibits and museums, where she learned to appreciate great art in all shapes and sizes. By also growing up in an older house, Casey learned to spot the artistry in the home’s traditional design and stunning architecture. That appreciation didn’t end with age. 

Laura Casey Art Interiors
Laura Casey Office Art


Now, as the owner and operator of Laura Casey Interiors, Casey does her best to bring that same artistry to each of her clients. Her keen eye and refined sense of style made her the perfect person to design this Queens Road West Myers Park home. 

Artful Intent

“Our focus was to elevate the level of interior design and to expand the client’s art collection,” says Casey. “Original art and custom light fixtures make each room unique, yet the design still feels cohesive. We achieve this by using a sophisticated color palette, tailored furniture and custom pieces.”


Laura Casey Art Interiors
Laura Casey Dining Room

Guests can see the home’s subtle grandeur right when they enter the front door. The double-height foyer not only makes the space feel open but also gives guests the feeling of entering a modern-day castle. This distinct style is carried throughout each room with unique lighting fixtures that highlight the home’s art, such as the living room’s chandelier. 

“Each glass piece is hand-pressed,” notes Casey. “The result is a striking, yet timeless addition to the room.”

Laura Casey Art Interiors
Laura Casey Living Room

In addition to finding lighting features that work with the architecture and the artwork, Casey also strikes a delicate balance with the home’s nuanced color palette. Too strong, and the art would become lost among the design. Too weak, and each space would look dull. Against the light-colored walls and bursts of deep burgundy, the client’s art collection remains the center of attention.

Beautiful but Functional

Casey also designed the home with functionality in mind. The playroom features performance fabrics and built-in storage to conceal toys and games. Continuing with the home’s artistic theme, it also displays kid-friendly pieces along the walls. 

Laura Casey Art Interiors
Laura Casey Play Room

The home office maximizes concentration and creativity with custom pieces and simple office features.   

“We wanted to design a special, feminine office,” says Casey. “It feels like a jewel box.”

That jeweled box holds custom artwork from Charlotte-based artist Stephen Wilson and silver chinoiserie wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. Sourcing original artwork for designs is a major part of Casey’s process. 

Laura Casey Art Interiors
Laura Casey Art Selections

“Investing in art does not have to be intimidating,” affirms Casey. “We present options from both emerging and established artists and assist the client in selecting pieces that resonate with them.”

As Laura Casey Interiors continues to grow, the firm plans to take on more large-scale residential projects throughout Charlotte.