House Plants For Your Charlotte NC Home Plus Where To Buy And Proper Care

house plants charlotte nc
Cactus Club - house plants charlotte nc - photo credit Jamey Price

These are the best house plants if you live in Charlotte NC – bring character in to any space in your home and care for some unique greenery.

House plants are an easy fix to accentuate any living or dining room, simpler than hunting for new furniture or paint for your walls. A plant (or plants, if you’re feeling particularly nurturing!) can brighten just about any space, and Charlotte’s best garden centers and nurseries have a wide array to shop from.

String of Pearls

A gorgeous plant with “beads” that can cascade from its pot, String of Pearls succulent makes an excellent choice for individuality in your living or dining room. This plant can also bloom white flowers that smell like cinnamon.

Proper care: To grow successfully, make sure to place near a window with strong natural light, but be careful not to put it in direct sunlight as it could burn.

Total size: 6-12 inches

house plants charlotte nc
The best house plants charlotte nc


The main talking point of this succulent is clear—it’s spiral leaves seem to have jumped straight from a Dr. Suess book. Nevertheless, this plant has a long life span and grows best in a well-lit area.

Proper care: As with most succulents, this plant thrives in little moisture, so be careful not to overwater it. With enough attention and the right care, this whimsical plant can be a welcome member of your home for a long time.

Total size: 10 inches

Banana Shrub

A subtropical evergreen and a member of the Magnolia family, what’s most interesting about the Banana Shrub is it smells reminiscent of bananas. The flowers of this plant are a cheerful yellow with the slightest purple in the center. Prefer the smell of lemons to bananas? Try growing the Southern Magnolia instead!

Proper care: The Banana Shrub does well in various light conditions and is drought tolerant once established.

Total size: 2-4 inches

Lifesaver Plant

This plant is named after its red center, which resembles a red lifesaver. If that doesn’t make an interesting talking point, this plant, also called the Huernia Zebrina, can be identified both by its wine-colored center and zebra-patterned flowers.

Proper care: The Lifesaver Plant grows best in partial shade or bright light. These plants thrive in soil that isn’t too wet, so make sure to invest in colorful clay pots.

Total size: 3 inches

house plants charlotte nc
Kebbe of Blackhawk displays some of the house plants you need if you live in Charlotte NC

Winecup Succulent

Another form of succulent, the winecup plant is nothing short of a showstopper. This succulent is admittedly a challenge to find but is well worth the effort. With its bowl-like appearance, long stalk, and flowers at its top, this plant makes an attractive and distinctive addition to your home.

Proper care: Avoid root rot by being careful not to overwater. Once established, this plant is drought tolerant.

Total size: 6 inches

Begonia Nautilus Lilac

Known for their swirling center and striking purple color, Begonia Nautilus Lilac is an obvious choice if you’re looking to make a statement in your living room. Its leaves have an impressive mix of colors such as silver, lilac, and a black rim.

Proper care: This plant grows best in partial sunlight. Begonias are sensitive to overwatering so ensure that the soil is slightly damp, but not too wet.

Total size: 15 inches

Nerve Plants

Nerve plants, or Fittonia Albivenis, are easily recognizable by their colorful veins across the leaves, usually in red, green, pink, or white.

Proper care: As this plant is sensitive to strong sunlight, avoid placing it in an area with direct sunlight, and instead in an area of your home with partial shade.

Total size: 6 inches

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Blackhawk’s Garden Center – photo credit Jamey Price

The Best Charlotte Nurseries To Buy Your Plants

If you’re looking for a unique house plant of your own, there are a few nurseries and garden centers in the Charlotte area to begin your search.

Blackhawk Garden Center

At Blackhawk, Unlike big-box garden center counterparts, the one at Blackhawk Hardware actually feels like a garden. Instead of concrete floors and hordes of duplicate plants, the space feels homier and more grounded. Shoppers can find an array of unique plants hand-chosen by the staff.

Rountree Plantation Garden Center

Located just 11 minutes from Uptown, Rountree Plantation Garden Center grows many of their material in their Charlotte greenhouses. With over four acres of greenhouse space, and a selection of perennials, annuals, succulents, interior plants, and more, you’re bound to find something special.

Oakdale Greenhouse

Boasting an impressive selection of tropical plants, bonsai, succulents, trees, and house plants, and spanning over 20,000 feet, there’s no shortage of plants to choose from at Oakdale Greenhouse.

Southern Styles Nursery and Garden Center

Since 2000, the Southern Styles Nursery and Garden Center has provided quality plants for customers in the Charlotte area. With a large selection of plants, including annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees, it’s a one-stop-shop for all of your plant needs.


house plants charlotte nc
The best house plants if you live Charlotte NC – The best Charlotte nurseries to buy from


Baucom’s Nursery Company

A 20 minute drive from Uptown, Baucom’s Nursery Company has featured quality plants for over 70 years. Along with annuals and perennials, they offer seasonal plants such as Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums. The family-owned company also grows and distributes their own plants right from their farm.

Cactus Club

Cactus Club, owned by Ivy Mak and Anna Thomas, travel around Charlotte selling their plants out of a bus, and offering a unique array of hawthorias, euphorbias, succulents, houseplants, and rare tropical plants.

Ross Perennial Plant Farm

Specializing exclusively in perennials, Ross, Perennial Plant Farm offers a large selection and all of their plants are grown on site. Their staff is also made up of certified and licensed professionals who are able to assist with any plant problem you may have.