Illuminate your Lifestyle: Lighting Styles

Lighting Styles
Lighting Styles

Five lighting styles that will brighten up your sophisticated space.


Nothing adds that high level of sophistication to your home’s interior or exterior like a beautiful copper lantern. Luckily for you, located right in historic South End, Lantern and Scroll has the largest catalog of copper lighting in the city. Their portfolio featuring period copper lanterns of the Old South exudes impeccable design. For more information visit


Add a natural element to your home with a rich and rustic lighting feature. From lamps that showcase antler and driftwood to chandeliers that incorporate whiskey barrels, a unique rugged piece can really add to your mountain theme. Heritage Handcrafted’s four or six candle bourbon barrel chandelier makes a statement. The steam bent barrel staves mesh seamlessly with iron barrel hoops to deliver that rustic quality your home needs. For more information visit


Very popular for obvious reasons – they look super cool – the exposed vintage Edison-stlye bulbs add that it factor to your light source. The repurposed lamps by Dan Cordero showcase intriguing filaments and add a unique and unusual element to your home’s design. For more information on Dan Cordero’s lights visit


Whether your home features all the modern aspects like clean lines, contemporary furniture, and wide open spaces or is a traditional space, the addition of a beautiful modern style light can add that wow factor to your room. The stylish designs of Dilworth’s Modern Lighting range from the simple to the complex, subtle to dramatic sihouettes, and all of them illuminate your space perfectly while adding a special element to the overall aesthetic of your room. Visit for information.


With fall just around the corner, your outdoor patio needs to be a main focus and there is nothing that improves the ambiance of your outside space like the perfect lighting. Whether it be globe string lights, lanterns and candles, traditional landscape lights, outdoor lamps, garden torches, or any of the many other designs, consider adding this element. The dramatic effect of the addition of any of these listed above will be noticed as soon as you plug them in or hit the light switch. For globe string lighting and more visit Blackhawk Hardware at www. For more traditional landscape lighting systems visit Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at