Inside Luxury Home Design With Sheedy Watts

Sheedy Watts
A Sheedy Watts Home

Designing a house is one thing: Plenty of builders can get a standard blueprint and find the right subcontractors. But designing a home is something else entirely. Good home design doesn’t come from a stack of cookie-cutter blueprints. It comes from a collaboration between the designer and homeowner. When clients work with Sheedy Watts Design, they work with a residential design studio dedicated to bringing their unique vision to life.

“Our best feedback,” says Ray Sheedy, “has been from clients who say we have listened to their ideas and incorporated them creatively into the design of a project.”

Sheedy Watts
Sheedy Watts

Sheedy Watts Design draws from 25 years of residential design experience. They’ve taken on a wide range of projects in the Charlotte area, from new construction design to whole-home remodeling. “Our work encompasses all scales of home design,” says Cale Watts. “We use a collaborative team approach to every design, and we include the client’s input at every stage of the process.”

Whether they’re remodeling a ’50s-era house in Myers Park or designing a contemporary home in Charleston, Sheedy Watts Design always puts client satisfaction first.

You can trust Sheedy Watts to design a house you’ll love to call home.

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