Insight Automation equips a Charlotte Lucas library with high-fidelity audio

Inight Automation

This library in Eastover, with its juxtaposition of bold color and strong patterns, is eye-catching, no doubt. Charlotte Lucas’ inspired design is predictably aesthetically beautiful, but there’s a lot to this space—and how the homeowners live in it—that you can’t see. That’s where Esbith Andaya and Insight Automation come in.

Insight Automation

You won’t find any angry bespectacled librarians here. Shelves and shelves of books and hidden bar notwithstanding—this space is all about sound. The clients insisted on the extremely high-quality audio, and Insight Automation delivered. An exceptional wifi network, powered by Luxul, ensures that those stone walls aren’t an issue. Audio is distributed via a Marantz amplifier and a Sonos Connect streaming system—both necessities for achieving the desired fidelity of sound in this space. And it’s all in service of the space’s focal point: those flashy die-cast aluminum Fazon F5 loudspeakers. It’s all extraordinarily lovely to look at, but this is a space you have to hear to fully appreciate.