Read The Story Behind Inspiration Cascade by Overstream


Home is a place you return to everyday, where after a long day at work, you want nothing more than to kick off your shoes, grab the newspaper or remote, and sit in your comfy chair.  But most people forget that Home encompasses not only indoor living space, but also outdoor living space.  Both are equally important.   Mother Nature wants you to enjoy the heat of the sun, to bear witness to the starry skies at night, to listen to the sounds of crickets and birds singing, and to feel the wind’s soft caress. Based on this description, Home is a place of refuge and should be treated as such.
Overstream Poolscapes shares these feelings.  Home to them is an “idea,” a “vision,” and “a place you want to live.” Being passionate about their work, Overstream wishes to make their client’s dreams come true. They start with a vision and together begin building.  One such vision took place in Ballantyne Country Club.  The home was a traditional style, Brick, two-story home built on 0.25acres.  
During a trip the family took to Israel, they visited the Gan HaShlosha National Park near Beit She’an. There they enjoyed the naturally warm water and decided upon their return home they would recreate the look and feel of the very same site they had just left in Israel.  “Contacting us at Overstream, we set up a meeting and proceeded to design renderings combined with the vision and desires of the customer—a natural aquifer-fed swimming pool.”
“We suggested the use of boulders in order to bring a more natural, rustic feel to the project. Unique [in] character, we didn’t simply place them in or around the pool; we actually made them part of the deck, pool, and spa structures.” The shape of the pool is a free-formed kidney bean shape.  Because the customer wanted a small pool, “we were able to add a round spa about 7’ in diameter that is raised 14” above the pool. Water cascades over a large slab of flagstone and runs into the pool. The irregular patterned flagstone on the pool deck and coping, walkway, and spa veneer gives the pool a more natural lagoon-like feel. Overstream decided to go with salt water because it “is softer and does not have the chemical feel of traditional chlorine.”  By incorporating plants, such as windmill palms, into the surrounding landscape, the outdoor living space became an oasis.  
Overstream is proud of their work and go to great lengths to “use the finest products and craftsmanship” available.  John Ogburn, Design Consultant, spearheaded this project. He has been with Overstream Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc. and Overstream Poolscapes, Inc. for three years. This particular “project was our opportunity to be creative and to think outside the box in order to make our customer’s dream a reality. We not only helped them bring a little bit of Israel to Charlotte, we enhanced their outdoor living space and made it more enjoyable.”  Just listen to what the customer had to say, “Overstream spent time listening to our ideas and crafted a plan for the project. John Ogburn captured all the elements we hoped for and brought perspective and creative solutions to both. We enjoyed watching the team work as artists…Thanks for making our dream come true.”  For further information please go to