How interior designer Beth Keim reimaged a family home

For over 20 years, Lucy and Company has completely transformed the interior design industry here in the Queen City. Founder Beth Keim has put her passion for interior design work into homes all over this area, and one of her newest projects perfectly exemplifies her dedication to beautifying our area. This Myers Park project showcases Beth’s bright, bold touch. 

The design came into fruition after one of Beth’s favorite clients called and said they had purchased a new home. That led to her overall goal of this space: to “repurpose pieces we had just recently purchased for their previous home in this new build in a [whole] new way.”

Beth and her team quickly got to work on this stunning new build from Charlotte architectural designer Frank Smith. This home is a spacious five bed, six bath, perfect for the family of five. Beth described the overall home aesthetic as “casual chic with an eclectic mix.” To accomplish this, she brought in a neutral color palette with warm wood undertones.

The dining room features this in spades, with a custom-built table from Josh Utsey. The black and white patterned end chairs and hanging light fixture from Jacob Wolfe give the space an eclectic feel, without being overpowering. To tie the whole room together, Beth brought in Charlotte muralist Nick Napoletano. Altogether, these elements create the casual chic feel Beth set out, with a dose of total irreplicability. 

The grand living room right off the kitchen is another of our favorite elements in this project. The large, charcoal colored sofas create a warm and inviting feeling, and at the center of the space sits the coffee table Beth pulled (and seamlessly integrated) from the client’s previous home. The finishing touch on this room is the custom designed fireplace by Walker Zanger. It adds a bit of texture and interest, and speaks to the eclectic tones seen throughout the home. 

While Beth and her team worked hard to make the inside spaces, “a bit whimsical but also a space to use daily and not just on special occasions,” the same holds true for the home’s outdoor space. A gorgeous pool area was crafted by Waterscapes, and the clean lines and sharp design complements the home’s overall aesthetic. 

Indoor and outdoor living at this Myers Park home has never looked better.