Metro Makeover

Metropolitan Design and Metropolitan Builders reveal the design necessities to help you make your dream kitchen a reality.

What is your major philosophy with custom kitchen design?

At Metropolitan we listen to what the customer desires and apply our experience and design capabilities to achieve their vision.  
How does the collaborative process work with your team and the family of businesses?
We involve many in-house facets with the design process. The teams at Metropolitan Design on South Designers, Metropolitan Builders, and Metropolitan Electric are the primary people involved in the design process.  This helps coordinate the entire project to provide a seamless experience.

For those looking to build a custom kitchen how should they go about selecting a builder?

Working with a creative team that fully understands the complexity and demands that are involved in a custom kitchen remodel is important. Knowing how a company can best provide services to achieve a successful project is paramount.  A design team with an in-house work force can deliver a level of expertise, craftsmanship, and award winning projects on a consistent level.

What types of materials people should use for countertops?

Granite and synthetic stones such as Ceaser stone have a much higher quartz composition and therefore are more durable and resistant. Marble such as White Carera are beautiful but require much more care because they have less quartz in the composition.

What types of wood do you like to for cabinetry and why?

For a painted finish hard rock maple is a durable product. For stained cabinets I prefer cherry. It is a beautiful wood that accepts stain and finishes nicely.  For outdoor cabinets, Eucalyptus is a great product because of its stability.

What are your favorite flooring choices and why?

Most clients prefer wood floors.  It is soft under the feet, has an ease of maintenance about it,  looks nice with the cabinets and provides continuity for open floor plans. Tile is used as well but not as often. We see it more in contemporary or transitional kitchens and works very well.

What are your thoughts on the backsplash?

Backsplashes are challenging and one of the last items selected. The backsplash is important because it pulls together the floor, the cabinets, the countertops, and accessories with texture and color.

For serious home chefs out there that want to design a restaurant quality kitchen, what appliances and gadgets do you suggest?

Range Thermador and Wolf are some of the better engineered appliances. For your oven both  Bosch and Thermador are well engineered. For the best fridge, Sub-Zero and Thermador are both ideal. When it comes to just plain cool appliances, a Bosch Steam Oven, Magnetic cooktops, and built in coffee makers by Bosch or Thermador are great. For your sinks we like to use Frank, Rohl, and galley sinks.

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