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Patrick Lewis interiors
A Patrick Lewis Interior

Patrick Lewis was drawn to design from a young age. Growing up, he transformed the spaces in his own home. As an adult, he put that early fascination into action. Lewis moved to New York City to kickstart his career as a textile designer. Then, his passion for pattern and texture sparked, as he learned how much these two elements can command a space. 

Upon his eventual arrival in Charlotte, Lewis took a role as the in-house interior designer for Circa Interiors, where he remained for nearly two decades. It was a position he loved. However, in 2015, with a wide swath of experience behind him, Lewis took the leap to open the doors of his own interior design firm: Patrick Lewis Interiors.

Clean, Minimal, Classic

Today, as a business owner and lead designer, Lewis deploys three guiding principles when transforming any space: clean, minimal, and classic. He enjoys adding natural colors, clean lines, and light eye-catching details to complement his trademark sophisticated-yet-simplistic look. As a result, Lewis’ designs could be described as traditional channeled through a contemporary lens. Hallmarks of a Patrick Lewis design include subtle silhouettes with layered details and use of differing textures throughout the home. 

During planning sessions with clients, Lewis applies his techniques to the homeowner’s own dreams and aspirations. He works to develop a personal relationship with each client. In order to achieve those ends, he schedules a primary design consultation in the client’s current home. There, Lewis gains a sense of the client’s personal style and interests, and the homeowner shares their ideas and visions. Lewis then contributes his own ideas, marrying the two in a cohesive presentation. 

Patrick Lewis interiors
Patrick Lewis – photo credit Jamey Price

Clients are able to watch their ideas take form with a large vision board on a 10-by-4 foot table full of color schemes, fabric swatches, and inspiration photos of furniture and accessories. On the whole, working with Lewis is a true collaborative effort to create a floorplan to best fit clients’ needs and lifestyles. 

Residential and Commercial Interiors

Most of Lewis’s work is residential, but he has done quite a bit of commercial work. He has contributed his efforts to many restaurant interiors, and recently finished renovating Old Town Club, a luxury golf club in Winston-Salem. The pristine interior boasts crisp white, soothing grey, and light blue accents. Neutral furniture staples and lovely additions of artwork on the walls round out the look. On the other hand, one of his favorite recent projects was a remodeling of a vacation home in Cashiers, NC. The 10,000 square foot English manor perches atop a peaceful mountain. From its vantage point, it benefits from Lewis’ additions of intricately classic furniture pieces and neutral accents with vibrant green pops of color and greenery. 

“Although Charlotte was traditional in scope for decades, it is transforming into an eclectic mix of aesthetics from modern to classic Southern traditional,” Lewis says. “I think that’s a true reflection of how Charlotte is evolving.”

With his signature, elegant take on traditional design roots, Lewis is the perfect complement to a burgeoning Southern city.

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