Interior Designer Sarah Catherine Norkum’s Trademark Touch

Charlotte interior designer, Sarah Catherine Norkum, transforms  a Trademark uptown  condominium into a space suitable for a playboy.

Folding essential ingredients like style, confidence, and distinction, designers have developed a cultural icon for more than half a century : the bachelor pad. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the bachelor pad was considered one of the ultimate possessions of a career minded man and has since defined him as one. Designed by Frank Gehry for the pages of Playboy, and made famous by Hugh Hefner himself, a true bachelor pad cannot be claimed by it’s bachelor just because he is living alone. Ladies can attest, a loft space with a coffee table made from beer caps placed strategically in front of an over-stuffed, leather recliner does not solidify bachelor pad status. More so, you are completely disqualified from the competition if guests prefer to use the hotel restroom one block down in fear of making eye contact with the tiles of your bathroom floor.

A true bachelor pad is modern, minimalist, and visited frequently by a maid. Outlets aren’t baby proof, sofas house just enough pillows for a woman’s taste, and cabinets are stocked with a variety of wines. Captivating views envelope guests as scents of leather, scotch and art linger in the corners of high ceilings. Technology surpasses the neighbors high definition flat screen, for with one touch of a button, lights dim, music soothes, and shades lower to create a space of pure suave ambiance. Common living spaces become priority when it’s all about entertaining and projecting a sense of bravado. A Hollywood version of a gentleman’s lair it seems, but Charlotte’s men are just as tempted. Armed with an interior designer and visions of style and sophisitication, a bachelor pad unfolds it’s city living in one of downtown’s Trademark condos. Rich textures born from the fibers of a bespoke and well-fitted suit, a 16th floor condo gains status and appreciation for the city in which it sleeps. Accentuated with warm hues amidst the pale, graphic tones, the space orchestrates seduction into an arena of class and free spirits. Alas, a bachelor pad unveils, pronouncing to all who enter, “Sit back, relax … and use a coaster.”

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