A Simonini Wine Cellar for The Ages

Simonini, Lyalls Home, 20402 Queensdale Dr., Cornelius NC 28031

Simonini is onto something major… I think we all secretly wish we had a wine cellar in our home. Even if you’re not a wine aficionado, there’s something about that dimly lit, cool, not-totally-necessary room stocked full of bottles of all color and variety… it’s just effortlessly interesting and adds a touch of uniqueness to a home that can’t be ignored.

The Simonini team gets that – when their clients told Simonini they were looking for an inviting space in a prominent, visible location to show off their extensive wine collection, the designers knew just what to do. This isn’t just a room full of wine, it’s an eye-catching space that holds its own.

The wine room entry includes an arch-top iron door from local Clark Hall Doors, with glass and a scrolling grape vine inlay, reminiscent of the vineyards the homeowners toured in Tuscany.

The decorative glass within the iron door allows guests passing the space to view the wine racking and wine displays, all built by Wine Cellars of the Carolinas. The room, complete with back lighting for that touch of intrigue and ambiance, holds an impressive 1400 bottles.

As you open the door to the wine cellar, you’re greeted by the barrel vaulted ceiling, which continues the aesthetic of the arched doorway throughout the space. The cork flooring, laid on a diagonal, serves as a warm, inviting complement to the western red cedar wine racking system.

And, of course, the space is temperature controlled with a dedicated cooling system, so that the wine bottles are stored at the appropriate temperature at all times.