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Meet the duo behind Springdale Contracting & Design: Brian and Andrea Seymour.

This husband-and-wife team makes for a powerhouse. With Brian as a General Contractor and Realtor, Andrea focuses her energy on design and operations. The result is the couple’s built-from-the-ground-up business, a unique client-driven experience called Springdale General Contracting + Design.

“We work great together,” Andrea says simply. “People ask us all the time how we do it as a married couple, but we enjoy bouncing ideas off of one another and collaborating to grow and refine our business.”

The Seymours knew they wanted to create a different (and better) type of construction service. While their main focus remains on residential renovations, they do both residential and commercial renovations and new builds, and love the ability to tailor business specifically to clients and to the market. 

Springdale covers projects primarily from central to south Charlotte, often in SouthPark, Myers Park, and Eastover.

Andrea and Brian told us a bit more about their unique business plan, the industry, and what’s next.

What are your respective backgrounds?

Brian: I got started in single family housing at the age of 15, framing houses and installing interior trim. I’m a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a degree in Construction Management. After I graduated, I went on to work for some large outfits in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina where I developed a strong foundation on projects in healthcare, education and large mixed-used multi-family / commercial developments. 

Charlotte Contracting & Design
Contracting & Design Team Brian and Andrea Seymour

Andrea: My degree is from Western Michigan University in Tourism and Travel, with minors in both Business and Sociology. Growing up my parents built homes and my Dad owns a Plumbing and Boiler company to this day, so I was raised on job sites. I guess I should have known I’d end back up where I started!

How did you two meet? What made you decide to start a business together?

The story of how we met is pretty funny actually. We were both on vacation with our families in Fort Lauderdale, Brian visiting his sister who lives there and Andrea on a weekend trip with her mom. We all met at a restaurant on the ocean, then dated long distance until Brian decided to make the Queen City his home. The rest is history!

Explain your unique process when working with clients.

Andrea: The process is incredibly important to us. I come from a hospitality background, so making this an enjoyable experience for our clients is something I’m very passionate about, and have spent a significant amount of time developing. We are focused on high quality craftsmanship and taking great care of our clients and their homes. 

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All Photos by Johny Walker

How did you decide what services to offer, and what are those services specifically?

We have decided to focus largely on renovations because we really like that every project is different; there are no two renovations that are alike. Brian is so talented and can walk into a space and almost see through the walls. The two of us have a really great vision together that we love to help bring to life for our clients.

What are some important things for potential or prospective clients to know about working with you?

We absolutely love what we do. It’s our mission for the construction process to feel different and better than it has historically for many folks. Investing in your home and choosing the right General Contractor for your project is so important.

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Personality-wise, it has to be cohesive and a good fit. One of the biggest mistakes in our opinion that you can make is to select based on the lowest price. We have very strong estimating accuracy, so it’s important for people to know that just because a price they receive might be low, it may not be accurate. Ask questions, and look at reviews carefully. 

What are some of your most memorable jobs?

Probably the most memorable was the project for which we were awarded the 2019 North Carolina Home Builders Association Addition of the Year. We transformed a run down 1960’s ranch into a gorgeous two story French Country Style home in the Olde Providence neighborhood.  

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Philanthropy is central to you Charlotte contracting & design business, too. Why did you choose Foster Village Charlotte to partner with and support?

Foster care is a silent epidemic within our community. There are currently about 600 children in foster in Mecklenburg County. The founders of Foster Village are four local foster moms who tirelessly advocate for children and families in our community. So, while we give to several different organizations (we also love Catering to Cats and Dogs and The Leukemia Lymphoma Society), we have decided to focus the majority of our efforts to Foster Village Charlotte. Andrea serves on their executive board as well.