Stoke the Fire

Fire pit tips

Summer is officially over in the Piedmont region, and while we may have to store away everything reminiscent of summertime, there is one staple that can stay. While fire pits are great in the summer, they are even better during those chilly autumn evenings when you want to create a warm, cuddle-friendly environment for your family and friends.

Fire pits can come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and materials to match your home and backyard’s unique architecture and style. Here are fifteen different ideas to spruce up your fire pit experience for your next gathering.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t love great BBQ. Amp up your fire pit party by adding a steel grate atop of your fire pit and building a makeshift grill for a delicious barbeque dinner.

There are numerous nifty ways you can DIY your fire pit for under $100. You can make your own fire pit using inexpensive materials such as tree rings, cement blocks, bricks, flag stones, and more. First, dig a 4’ wide and a 12” deep hole in an open area in your backyard. Line your fire pit with the fire-proof materials of your choice and voila!

Perhaps, you’re not really into the idea of a DIY project, or there might be an instance where digging a wide shallow hole in your backyard is out of the question. Fortunately, there is an alternative: portable fire pits. You can place it anywhere outside, and when you’re through, it easily goes back into the storage shed until future uses. 

If you are particular about the smell of smoke, do not fret. You can burn odorless fire glass and still get the experience of a warm glowing fire, minus the smoke and smell produced by burning wood. Plus, the fire glass itself provides a beautiful aesthetic.

Use Rainbow Flame Crystals to add pretty colors and magic to your fire pit. People of all ages will love the whimsical light show provided by the colorful flames. 

For those who want a more contemporary fire pit devoid of the classic, rustic aspects of the traditional appearance, you may want to check out the custom steel sculptural fire pits. The sculptural fire pit is a functional piece of art that adds elegance and luxury to your backyard. You can have your sculptural fire pit customized with any design you want, including plants, animals, and letters.

Wine barrels make lovely, vintage fire pits that define the subtle grace and beauty of the fall season. Rather than throwing away your old wine barrel, you can easily turn it into a stunning, exquisite functional piece of artwork for your backyard. If you do not have a wine barrel, you can often buy one off of Craigslist or from your local winery. Whiskey barrels also make a splendid alternative.

Channel your inner cowboy and light up your firewood in a cauldron-shaped cast iron fire pit. Cast iron fire pits are either black or bronze in color and can easily be used for cooking. Some cast iron fire pits even come with a hook that allows you to hang a Dutch oven.

Fire pits can also be customized to show off your favorite sport or movie mascot. You can satisfy your inner fanatic by having your favorite movie characters or their names cut into its exterior, or you can have the mascot of your favorite football team on the walls of your steel cut fire pit. Tailgating, anyone?

Timeless, refined, and contemporary, a glass guard fire pit is a classy piece of art all on its own; however, it is brought to life when flames dance within its encasement. Glass guard fire pits are used more for their elegant appearance rather than cooking or providing warmth, but they do provide a relaxing environment that is safer for pets and children.

For those who don’t want to burn a lot of kindling or charcoal, you can use a single log called the Swedish Flame or the Swedish Torch and light it in your fire pit. A log is cut partway into pie sections with a chainsaw, and then fuel is poured into its center. The log is then ignited, creating a flame that can burn up to three hours or more.

If you prefer not to burn firewood or coal at all, there are gas-fueled fire pits. Instead of waiting for your fire to burn out or having to clean up the mess that coal and wood ash leaves behind, you can simply turn your gas fueled fire pit on and off as you please.

If you are a fan of a simplistic design but want to avoid the traditional appearance of circular fire pits, squares and rectangular-shaped fire pits may be a better fit for you. Rectangular or square shaped fire pits are a sleek, modern amenity for your backyard.

A fun project you can do with kids is to make small DIY fire pits out of fire proof containers. A small flower pot lined with aluminum foil and charcoal creates just enough heat to roast marshmallows. Of course, adults can also have fun with this idea as well, especially if they live in an area where larger fire pits aren’t allowed. While you cannot cook with this mini fire pit, you can create fun little s’more roasting stations at your next party.

Last but not least, you cannot throw a fire pit party without campfire classic foods. Create a s’mores bar with different selections of chocolates, a variety of graham crackers, and flavored marshmallows to ensure that your guests have the best fire pit party ever. Having s’mores at a fire pit party is definitely the cherry on top of the fall season’s greatest at home festivity.

There you have it! Fifteen ideas to inspire you to throw the most memorable fire pit get-together with your family and friends. Having a fire pit in your backyard is all about having the ability to easily create a mini-retreat to spend time with your loved ones. While fire pits are great fun, make sure to follow all fire safety precautions and stay safe this fall season.