The House Plant

House Plant
House Plant

Adding these houseplants to your design can beautify your area, add a pop of color to your aesthetic, clean your air, and help kick seasonal depression to the curb.

Air Plants

For those looking for a virtually maintenance free house plant, air plants are by far the best option. They do not require any soil to grow and only need a small amount of water to survive. Many types of air plants also produce beautiful, vibrant, colorful flowers. Hanging glass orbs sold at many places around Charlotte from Blackhawk Hardware to West Elm offer a creative way (known as a string garden) to incorporate the air plant into your home’s design.

Indoor Trees

Indoor trees add the extra dimension of height to a room as well as set dramatic tones to a space. Usually a tall houseplant is the first thing a guest sees when walking into a room. This draws the eye into the design of the room and especially toward any of your favorite pieces that are in close proximity to the plant. The best types of large houseplants include the fiddleleaf fig, big snake plants, money trees and a variety of palms. These and many other species are available at Blackhawk Hardware, Southern Styles, Banner Nursery, and more.


If you aren’’t familiar with terrariums they are an enclosed environment, usually with glass features, where a variety of small plants and moss are grown. Terrariums are one of the cutest houseplant designs. Many of them come in classic bell jars, feature a variety of colorful plants, and some even come with or can be grown to duplicate a scene. They are a conversation starter for all of your guests. The best part about terrariums is that they are beautiful but also extremely low maintenance. Our favorite terrariums designed locally can be found at Exceptional Terrariums at Atherton Mill and Market. Gypsy Raku near Gastonia also offers some interesting designs, many of which are themed, and all feature raku, a type of Japanese pottery.


Succulents are plants with thick stems and leaves that are able to adapt in dry climates. Because they can grow in almost any type of light (although they prefer bright light), and because they don’t need much water, succulents are some of the most low maintenance plants you can purchase. This makes them very desirable. After all, who doesn’t want a houseplant that is easy to keep alive and looks great? The best way to showcase these plants are in groups. They can survive in containers with other low-water plants and add an exotic color, shape, and texture to any group. The most poplar types of succulents are jade, aloe, and all of the varieties of cacti.


Vertical gardens in the house are becoming very popular. Some vertical gardens are simply several rows of potted plants displayed on shelves. More detailed vertical gardens are literally attached to the wall and act as a piece of art. Either way you prefer to display your vertical garden, both styles are attention-grabbers that will have your guests envious. There are several types of vertical houseplant species that are easy to grow. These species include ferns, geraniums, begonias, and lilies. They are all low maintenance and collectively are sure to be a statement piece. For those interested in referencing a sophisticated vertical garden in Charlotte that can help with ideas for your own, The Foundation For The Carolina’s has a spectacular garden.

Floral Arrangements

A trip to the grocery store or your local florist is easy and so worth it. A flower arrangement adds an extra dimension to your home. You can mix and match colors and textures as the seasons and your designs change. The best types of cut flowers are roses, hydrangeas, hyacinth, lilac, daffodil, iris and more. Great selections of cut flowers are sold at various local shops throughout Charlotte from The Blossom Shop to Elizabeth House Flowers.